Is the Customer Always Right?

CPC Business Development

By Stephanie Clark.

At one time, the words above were a business-owner’s mantra, even though at times the words tasted bitter, given that they issue from a place of inauthentic eagerness to please.  But today, with our customers expanded beyond a limited geographic area, perhaps we are not obliged to swallow bitter words; perhaps, just perhaps, we are free to challenge that mantra?

The truth is, we simply cannot please everyone, so why bother trying? By watering down our service and products to try to appease the common denominator, we are likely annoying our best customer. What if we focused only on pleasing our ideal customer, aligning processes, customer service levels, and product type and style to not only suit but delight our ideal customer?

You know that you cannot please everyone. And you have every right to choose those you would really like to delight. They then, will tell their like-minded friends, co-workers and colleagues, generating more customers who are delighted by your work, and starting a wonderful cycle of business-generation.

Today, with a world of customers from which to choose, we no longer have to court our clients with anything other than honesty and authenticity.  And that would be an ideal mantra for today’s career service provider: Serving job hunters with honesty and authenticity. Give it a try.

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