How CPC Helped me Start-up my Career Service

By Maureen McCann.

A Canadian career development practitioner recently asked me how I got started in my own career practice. In particular, she wanted to know how my membership with Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) helped. Here was my reply:

“Career Professionals of Canada gave me the confidence to take a leap of faith out of a permanent job and into my own business. Only after linking with CPC, did I realize I have what it takes to build an entrepreneurial career service. With the support of Sharon Graham [CPC’s Executive Director], my family, and my professional network, I embarked on the research and hard work required to start my independent career practice. Along the way, I learned plenty from the phenomenal wisdom offered by many members who participate in CPC’s Career Club, Telenetworking, and other programs. Today, I’m glad to say that my business is well-established and flourishing.”

The greatest thing about the CPC Career Club is its members. Each person has a unique point of view with specific expertise to offer and share. Some have writing, editing, or proofreading expertise; others are savvy in sales and marketing, public relations, and social media.

Career ClubWisdom is shared on the Career Club through conversations, questions, and answers organized under each of these headings:

  • Career Strategy
  • Employment Strategy
  • Interview Strategy
  • Resume Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Book Club
  • Tele-Networking Club
  • Cercle de Carrière

Archived conversations listed in the Career Club are a rich resource. Here is just a sample of some of the meaningful discussions you’ll find:

  • Ideas for getting prospects.
  • Sharing pricing strategies.
  • Dealing with barriers such as disabilities.
  • Building organizational development competencies.
  • Assessing and addressing organizational climate.
  • Leveraging network density for performance.
  • Addressing learning transfer issues.

Many of these topics, discussions, and conversations are relevant and applicable today.

“Career Professionals of Canada and the wisdom of its membership has helped me start, develop, and grow my business, my professional network, my opportunities, and my expertise. It will certainly do the same for you.”

Join Career Professionals of Canada today!

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