The Holiday Myth: No One Hires in December


By Eilidh Sligo.

For many people, December means one thing – the countdown to the holidays.  Office parties, seasonal workplace events and extended vacation can make you think that business slowly comes to a halt through the last month of the year.  The usual stresses and busy schedules during the holiday season creates a widespread belief that “no one hires in December.”  So, many job seekers put their search “on-hold.”  However, all good career professionals know that recruitment is a year-round activity.

Final Quarter Hiring Trends

Research has shown that organizations typically do the bulk of their hiring in the final quarter of the year.  While more opportunities will be available in September than December, there are still many positions available before the year is over, and recruiters are often determined to get these final positions filled.  Often organizations have a “use it or lose it” budget – if they don’t hire before the year is out, they will lose the money that was allocated for the position.

In addition, the fact that many job seekers stop applying in December results in a less competitive labour market with increased chances of your client being selected for an interview.  As career professionals, we need to encourage our clients to continue their job search throughout the holiday season and resist the urge to take a break.

Capitalise on the Festive Spirit

December is also a good time for clients to reach out to organizations and meet with professionals for Informational Interviews.  The slower pace of business, reduced business travel, and relaxed office atmosphere often means that people are more likely to answer their phones and take the time to meet you for a coffee and a chat.  Tell clients to capitalise on the festive spirit and ask for that conversation!  Not only are your clients more likely to get a “yes”, their hard work and dedication to continuing their job search throughout the holiday season is likely to be noted by an impressed employer.

Network at Christmas Events

Most associations will host end-of-year holiday parties and networking events.  Your clients should be encouraged to research industry-relevant events from fall onward to make sure that they don’t miss out on a ticket.  Of course, holiday events are generally more relaxed than those throughout the rest of the year.  Your client should be prepared to have conversations that don’t purely focus on industry and work.  People are there to have fun, and your client should too – but limit the eggnog and mulled wine!

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