Grow Your Facilitation Skills: Change it Up’s Free Professional Development Course!

Change it Up

We’re delighted to share an exiting opportunity for career professionals to participate in free training and development. Change it Up, a leading organization dedicated to fostering professional growth and advancement, is offering access to a transformative and complimentary professional development program for facilitators. The newly introduced professional development program holds tremendous promise for career professionals across Canada. If you’re interested in learning how to grow or strengthen your facilitation skills, read on!

Change it Up provides strength-based, soft-skills training in ready-to-use workshops that are holistic, hands-on, learner-centred, and trauma-aware. Gathering over a decade of research and on-the-ground experience, the  curriculum package includes 15 full workshops that help people learn, grow, get and keep employment. The program is designed for facilitators, trainers, educators, and client-support professionals working with adults or teens. Whether you work directly in education/training or with clients in another capacity, there are opportunities to expand your skill set and grow your practice, whatever your level of experience.

Designed to elevate the capabilities of facilitators, this program offers a plethora of benefits that are poised to create a significant impact on career professionals and their clients. For a limited time, tuition is being covered via a grant from through Employment and Social Development Canada through the  Skills for Success Canada (ESDC) program, so there is no cost to career practitioners and professionals in the human services sector.

By embracing this opportunity, facilitators can hone their skills in guiding group discussions, workshops, and training sessions to new heights.

What will facilitators learn?

Career professionals who delve into the Change it Up program can expect to:

  1. Enhance their facilitation skills: The program delves into advanced facilitation techniques, helping career professionals foster meaningful conversations, drive collaboration, and create impactful learning environments.
  2. Expand their professional network: Connecting with like-minded facilitators from diverse backgrounds fosters invaluable networking opportunities, enriching both personal growth and professional prospects.
  3. Access resources and tools: The program provides a treasure trove of resources, from comprehensive guides to innovative tools, equipping facilitators to navigate diverse scenarios with confidence.
  4. Stay Updated with Industry Trends: Change it Up ensures that facilitators remain at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, aligning their facilitation strategies with the evolving needs of their audience.

How is this program different?

The course not only provides an opportunity to dig deeper into the “what” of using the Change it Up curriculum and approach, but it also goes deep into the “how” of facilitating learning for clients in the human services field. It looks at questions like:

  • How do we help facilitate growth and change in the people we serve?
  • How do we support clients with a multitude of complexities that can impact their journey?
  • And how do we support ourselves as we navigate working in a “helping” profession?

This is not one-size-fits-all training. How you choose to use the materials and the approach will be unique to your experience and your cultural lens. But it is designed to focus on some of the larger things that are true for all of us.

  • How our human brains learn and change and grow.
  • What approaches can foster that change and growth.

What is the course format?

The participatory program is run in small groups via Zoom (2.5 hrs. X 4 sessions) with 10 hrs. of additional self-paced learning. There are several times/formats to choose from when you register or we can schedule specific dates for groups of 15 or more. You will receive:

  • Access to the full curriculum; a collection of 15 strengths-based, soft-skill training workshops that are holistic, hands-on, learner-centered, and trauma-aware.
  • A Certificate of Program Completion; hours can be used as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) toward certification or maintenance of certification in many professional accreditation programs.

Change it Up is seeking participants just like members of Career Professionals of Canada – students with an open mind and a willingness to shift perspectives, as well as a commitment to active, engaged participation. For more details, visit the Change it Up website and register for an upcoming session.

CPC’s commitment to fostering quality, ethics, and expertise within the career development field aligns seamlessly with the core values upheld by Change it Up. By facilitating access to this program, CPC and Change it Up collectively reinforce their dedication to empowering career professionals and driving positive change within the industry.


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