The Global Gender Gap: 2014 Canadian Results

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The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap 2014 Report benchmarks gender gaps and ranks countries. Overall, the worldwide gender gap has closed by 4% since 2006.

According to the report, “Canada experienced an overall improvement compared to 2006. Compared to 2013, the country saw a slight decrease on the Economic Participation and Opportunity and Health and Survival sub-indexes, no change on the Education Attainment sub-index and an improvement on Political Empowerment sub-index, led mainly by more “women in ministerial positions” (from 7% to 25%).”

Canada ranks 19 out of 142 countries. Here’s a snapshot of the 2014 index:

  • Economic participation and opportunity rank: 17
  • Educational Attainment rank: 17
  • Health and survival rank: 100
  • Political empowerment rank: 42

Here is a selected list of employment and leadership statistics for Canada:

  • Adult unemployment rate: Women 6.8%. Men 7.7%.
  • Part-time employment: Women26.5%. Men 11.8%.
  • Average minutes spent per day on unpaid work: Women 254. Men 160.
  • Account at a formal financial institution: Women 97. Men 94.
  • Percentage of tertiary-level STEM graduates: Women: 32%. Men 68%
  • Percentage of PhD graduates : Women: 44%. Men 56%
  • Share on boards of listed companies: Women 6%. Men 94%

 Click here for the full breakdown for Canada in .pdf format.


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