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By Christine Cristiano.

In my quest to generate leads and secure paying clients, I researched every program that I came across that promised that I would increase my income to thousands of dollars per week. As wonderful of that sounded, it just wasn’t realistic. I am all for positive thinking and ‘The Secret’ mindset but I needed something that would provide me some detailed actions that I could take to increase my business.

I have been a member at for a couple of years.  I would occasionally login into the website for resources and information. When I received an email from the founder, Bridget Weide Brooks announcing the 6 week program entitled “Get Clients Now”, it piqued my interest. Here was a trusted resource that I have often referred to and they were offering a program on client generation for a reasonable fee.  I decided this program fit my goals and fit my budget so I signed up.

The program is based on the book, Get Clients Now by C.J. Hayden. With my enrollment, I received a free copy of the book (doesn’t get any better than that!).

One of the most informative segments of the program focused on how to identify where your business is stuck:

  • Filling the Pipeline (lead generation)
  • Following Up
  • Having Sales Conversations
  • Closing Sales

Once my challenges were identified, part of the program taught me about the different types of promotional avenues available and how to determine which ones to concentrate my efforts on. As we all know, it is impossible to promote your business on all fronts from content writing to the various social media platforms. I learned how to narrow my promotional efforts down to three manageable avenues and target my efforts to my target market. This was probably my ‘a-ha’ moment!

The remaining of the sessions were focused on setting up a marketing calendar that required me to partake in  a certain number of marketing activities per day, week, and monthly based on the time the time I could dedicate to my business promotion.  When I stuck to my action plan, I did notice a marked increase in the numbers of inquiries I received directly correlated to my efforts.

Taking part in the 6-week program gave me the opportunity to connect with other career professionals, explore new ideas and be accountable. I would definitely recommend the 6-week program however the book is available for purchase and contains all the information needed to assist you to “Get Clients Now!”

I would strongly recommend the program or book if you are paralyzed in your marketing efforts and you are overwhelmed at the mere thought of it.

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