Employment Inequality for Women in Canada

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The Canadian Human Rights Commission’s 2014 Report on Equality Rights of Women finds that employment inequality still exists for Women in Canada.

Acting Chief Commissioner, David Langtry says, “When compared to adult men, Canadian women are earning less across most employment sectors.” In the report, he goes on to say, “Canadian women have made important gains on the road to equality over the years. But important gaps remain.”

Compared to adult men in Canada:

  • Canadian women earn less income in most employment sectors
  • Canadian women are more likely to be unemployed

This is especially significant when the educational attainment of Canadian women is compared to those of men:

  • Fewer Canadian women drop out of high school
  • More Canadian women are enrolled in university
  • More Canadian women have a Bachelor’s degree

Along with employment and education, the full report discusses health, housing, justice and safety, and political and social inclusion.

Download the full report here: Report on Equality Rights of Women 

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