CPC Member of the Week: Susan Fleming

Susan Fleming, Member of the Week

Susan Fleming is currently teaching Career and Employment strategies for a private career college, combining her long-time career knowledge and skills with a passion for teaching. She attributes a significant portion of her success to being a member of CPC. Susan refined her résumé development skills by becoming a Certified Résumé Strategist (CRS) through CPC. Membership in the organization has opened numerous opportunities and added credibility to her career as a freelance professional résumé writer. It has also helped her land a dream job where she assists new graduates in leveraging their education to develop marketable skills for a fulfilling career. Susan places great value on her connection with other career professionals through the CPC platform, including the newsletter and the ability to engage with fellow professionals in the Facebook group. The most rewarding aspect of her current role is assisting newcomers in navigating the Canadian job market while also interacting with individuals from around the world who are committed to building a life in Canada. CPC Members Matter!

CPC Members Matter!

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