CPC Member of the Week: Chloe Lyons

Chloe Lyons CPC Member of the Week

Chloe Lyons is the owner and talent consultant at Lyons Talent Consulting, which was launched in January 2023. With 13 years of experience in corporate HR, Chloe has specialized in talent attraction, engagement, talent development programs, and recruitment. After gaining valuable expertise in various industries, including banking, insurance, engineering, and healthcare, Chloe decided to venture into her own consulting business. She has worked in diverse environments, ranging from large multinational corporations to small, fast-growing start-ups with 20 employees. As a Certified Career Strategist (CCS) and a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), Chloe is excited to focus on the career coaching aspect of her practice. CPC Members Matter!

CPC Members Matter!

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