CPC Member of the Week: Avalon Purdie

Avalon Purdie, CPC Member of the Week

Avalon Purdie is an Employment Specialist at Stride, a non-profit employment service provider specializing in supporting clients struggling with addictions and mental health. Combining psychotherapeutic and employment counselling techniques, Avalon prepares individuals for long-term skills development, self-mastery, and success in the workplace and in life. As a CPC member and a dedicated learner, she has been able to increase her career development competencies and share best practices with clients. Avalon has contributed to the advancement of successful vocational skills development programs within correctional institutions, community landscaping work programs, and region-specific organizations. Her mission is to provide opportunity and space for individuals to uncover, capitalize on, and enhance their skills, abilities, and natural gifts. CPC Members Matter!

CPC Members Matter!

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