CPC Member Appreciation – June 2015


“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things
if you make up your mind firmly that you will.”

L.M. Montgomery, Canadian Author, Anne of Green Gables

Welcome to our new PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Carmen Barbarasa
  • Elizabeth Schweitzer
  • Erin Doyle
  • Jane Zakreski
  • Julie Marseu
  • Leah Camenzind
  • Matthew Creamer
  • Michael Rosenberg
  • Patrizia Paoluzzi
  • Steve Landry
  • Theresa Murray
  • Tracy Doyle

Thank you to our renewing PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Cathy Milton
  • Esther Schvan
  • Johanne Caron
  • Kristine Thody
  • Linda MacLellan
  • Lorraine Morris
  • Maureen Farmer
  • Naomi Kolke
  • Sashie Steenstra

Congratulations to our newly CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL Members:

  • Cathy Milton, CRS
  • Esther Schvan, CIS
  • Magdalena Mot, CCS
  • Shellie Deloyer, CCS
  • Stephanie Gillies, CIS
  • Stephanie Turton, CRS

Much gratitude goes to all our other volunteers who work diligently throughout the year!

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