CPC Member Appreciation – February 2009

CPC Career Professionals of Canada News

I am a part of all that I have met.
~ Alfred Tennyson

CPC is proud to acknowledge the following individuals for being such an important part of this community.

New Members:

  • Jean Thomas
  • Jana McDonald
  • Evgenia Trynova
  • Neely Hazell
  • Michelle McKay
  • Michael Thompson
  • Alison Ireland
  • Sashie Steenstra
  • Patricia Rivard-Borduas

Renewing Members:

  • Dorothy Wright
  • Anne Brunelle

Newly Certified:

  • Wayne Pagani, MCRS, MCIS, MCCS
  • Maureen McCann, MCRS, MCIS, MCCS
  • Jermaine Chung, CRS
  • Karen Siwak, CRS
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