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Ensure Your Client’s Word Resume Passes the Screen

January 23, 2013 |

By Sharon Graham. We know that technology plays a huge part in the screening process – not just for resumes that are emailed or posted on internet job boards, but also for hard copies received at job fairs or through snail mail. If you want your client’s resume to rise to the top of the list of candidates, it’s crucial that the resume is optimized. You may have developed your client’s resume in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or converted it to a PDF (.pdf). Either way, when the document is…

Make your client’s resume technology and human friendly

January 9, 2013 |

Technology gives job seekers a novel way to connect with employers. They can now apply to hundreds of companies and job boards from the comfort of their desk. There is no longer a need to spend money on printing, stamping, and mailing vast quantities of resumes. On the surface, this approach seems like an easy way to save money and time. However, it is only effective if the job seeker ensures that humans and computers read their resume. If your clients are only submitting resumes on job boards or company…

Building Powerful Documents that Reflect Market Knowledge

January 9, 2013 |

By Lynda Reeves. As a competent resume strategist, you know the large role that skills and expertise play in your client’s ability to gain employment. In fact, you are probably imparting lots of information about your client’s competencies in his resume and career portfolio. This approach will help others learn something about him, but will the professional portfolio reflect your client’s market knowledge effectively? By gathering and documenting market knowledge, you can express how your client will fulfil the needs of his next job, company, and industry. If you want…

Outstanding New Online Career Courses by Carrie Wakeford

January 8, 2013 |
Employer reviewing candidate résumé

Carrie Wakeford has recently launched three online courses at She has combined her passion for online learning with her experience in career management and web design. The LearnCache site offers two resume writing courses; one course for people just starting out in their careers and one course for the seasoned worker. The site also offers a free course to help people determine if online learning is a good fit. These courses have been designed with the individual job seeker in mind; however they can also be used by counsellors…

Great Verbal and Written Communication Skills

December 8, 2010 |
Employer reviewing candidate résumé

Communication comes in many forms. Writing of any kind is most effective when it drills down to the specifics. Keep that in mind when proving your client has “great communication skills.”