4 Sites to Help you Build your Microsoft Word 2007 Skills

Employer reviewing candidate résumé

By Sharon Graham.

Developing the content of a strategic resume is important. However, if you really want to create an outstanding resume, you must pay attention to formatting, structure, and design. This requires exemplary technical skills.

We know that the majority of businesses require resumes in Microsoft Word format. The application can be finicky, but it is crucial that you master it if you want to create something effective.

Here are 4 links identified and compiled by Career Professionals of Canada’s Resume Strategist Mastermind Group to help you proactively to learn and use Microsoft Word 2007. If you feel you need to strengthen your technical expertise, study the information provided on these websites.

Learn the Basics of Microsoft Word 2007. If you are a visual learner, click on the Video buttons. All lessons are 7 minutes or less.

Get written instructions on Microsoft Word 2007 features. This tutorial walks you through various features, step-by-step with graphics.

Microsoft Word 2007 shortcut keys are great time savers. Although shortcut keys might seem overwhelming at first, select a few and practice them to become proficient.

8 Microsoft Word time savers you might not know. Learn a few hidden tricks that make your use of the application easier and faster.

Thank you to the Resume Strategist Mastermind Group Members for selecting this solid list as a quick and concise resource for Career Practitioners:

Learn how to join a Mastermind Mentoring Group facilitated by Career Professionals of Canada and get professional development throughout the year.

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