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New Book for Job Seekers Features Innovative Strategies to Get Hired

November 25, 2014 |

Job layoffs, a competitive job marketplace, and hiring freezes have put a lot of pressure on job seekers to stand out and be noticed. Those concerns should be alleviated by Tell Stories, Get Hired, a new book which demonstrates how job seekers can leverage their stories to convince hiring managers and recruiters to hire them over their competitors. Daisy Wright, author of the Canadian best seller, No Canadian Experience, Eh?, collaborated with 17 professionals with varying backgrounds from Canada, the US, England, Belgium and France, to develop this new book…

Informational Interviews 2.0 — The New and Improved Job Search Method

September 7, 2011 |

Informational interviews are awesome networking tools — but they can be hard to get, time consuming, and they can be awkward. It’s not comfortable to reach out to strangers. Social media is changing that, though. In the business world, like in many other areas, social media is breaking down barriers and changing social dynamics to permit more casual relationships with people we don’t know. Seize this change — use it to your advantage by intertwining your client’s job search with their general career exploration — it will help advance both…