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Employing a Creative, Holistic Approach to Interview Preparation

April 26, 2019 |

By Lori Jazvac. Sometimes, attending an interview can seem like being put under a microscope. For many jobseekers, the experience can produce sweaty palms, shortness of breath, and even feelings of anxiety and fear. It may be helpful for clients to remember that they are also interviewing the employer to determine if there is a mutual fit, but this thought alone may not be enough to calm nerves. Successful interviewing requires being focused and presenting one’s unique value clearly and concisely. It’s also about managing one’s own emotional intelligence (EI)…

20 Ways a Simple “Thank You” Can Transform Your Career

October 5, 2018 |

By Sharon Graham. When it comes to your career, saying “thank you” is much more than good manners. This simple act of showing gratitude has the potential to transform the trajectory of your career. It is true that saying thank you can improve your career opportunities because it changes the way people perceive you. Just as importantly, it can change YOU as it simply feels good to offer a word of thanks, which in turn improves health by reducing stress. This enables you to be more positive and productive in your…

Recruiters: Do You Look Beyond the Job Posting?

August 17, 2018 |

By Tallys Moreth.  One of the most challenging elements in the hiring process is the creation of a good job posting. Although seemingly a simple thing, if not done well a job posting may turn off potentially great job-seeking candidates. Instead of attracting candidates, the job advertisement may instead form an unintentional barrier between the organization and the people they may want to hire. What a Job Posting is NOT A job posting is not a job description. According to Gary Dessler and Nita Chhinzler in Human Resources Management in…

Do you practice handshaking with your clients?

April 8, 2016 |

By CPC Mastermind, Lori Jazvac. SET THE SCENE: In the employer’s waiting room, Jane, your client, feels well prepared. Because you’ve helped her practice how to respond to various questions, she is now primed to showcase her expertise. Walking into the interview room, she meets the prospective employer who extends a firm hand. She reaches out with initial jitters, responding with a weak grip. As the interview progresses, Jane’s nervousness dissipates — she answers each question with new-found confidence. At the interview close, she tentatively accepts the interviewer’s steady handshake before leaving…

The Interview Mistakes Candidates Make (Without Even Realizing It), According to Survey

March 6, 2015 |
News Feature

TORONTO, March 5, 2015 /CNW/ Much like a highly anticipated first date, a job interview can go from pure potential to pure disaster in mere minutes. According to a new survey from, 51 per cent of employers know within the first five minutes of an interview whether a candidate is a good fit for a position. By minute 15, that number reaches 89 per cent. The nationwide online survey of more than 400 hiring and human resource managers reveals the most off-putting interview behaviours candidates display during job interviews.…

Book Excerpt: Your Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

December 2, 2014 |

Daisy Wright | Tell Stories, Get Hired Innovative Strategies to Land Your Next Job and Advance Your Career Paperback / PDF Book | #TSGH  #tellstoriesgethired “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist and poet How many times have you heard that “actions speak louder than words?” It is true. Our thoughts and feelings, and the messages we send through non-verbal body language, tell a more authentic story than the words we speak. Body language consists of non-verbal communication such…