Career Development Professionals Welcome Canada Summer Jobs Program Funding Increase

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February 12, 2016—OTTAWA: Career developers from across Canada are applauding the government’s decision to double funding for the Canada Summer Jobs Program. Under this plan, the government expects to double the total number of jobs for youth from the 34,000 positions in 2015 to 69,000 in the summer of 2016. The increase will be made possible by a new investment of up to $113 million in 2016.

The program subsidizes businesses and NGOs that hire full-time students between the ages of 15 and 30 who are returning to full-time studies in the fall. For youth employment advocates, the timing could not be better.

“High youth un- and underemployment doesn’t just hurt young people, but our economy as a whole,” said Sareena Hopkins, Chair of the Canadian Council for Career Development (CCCD). “During the election, career development professionals called on all major parties to invest in employer incentives to hire youth and we’re glad to see Mr. Trudeau delivering on his party’s commitment in year one of their mandate.”

Stable employment transitions will be the foundation for successful career paths in Canada’s dynamic labour market over the years to come. Research shows that youth with work experience find it easier to make the transition from schooling to their first full-time jobs. Given Canada’s aging population and a rapidly developing global economy it is crucial for governments and the private sector to work together to ensure working Canadians are connected to productive and fulfilling careers.

“We are glad to see the government recognizes that many businesses, charities, and associations that can offer youth work experience simply need more resources to start hiring,” added Hopkins. “We hope this move will also open the door for more industry-education partnerships as well as access to career services that will help more young people find the right education and training for jobs that are available in our economy.”

For more information please contact: Rob LeForte Manager, Government Affairs 613-233-8906


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