Acts of Kindness

Heart shape traced on foggy window, representing kindness and love.
If you follow the news, it may be easy to become filled with despair, and to feel cynical. But, the media often presents a skewed view of what’s going on in the world. To attract audiences, the news tends to lean disproportionally toward the negative. However, it’s important to remind ourselves, especially during the holiday season, that there is still a lot of good in the world. And, there are many good people. Here, CPC members share their stories of memorable acts of kindness. Enjoy!

How My Network Welcomed Me to Canada – Rita Kamel

When I announced I was relocating to Edmonton from Lebanon, people reacted with surprise: “Edmonton? But it’s so cold and it’s a pretty small city! Why not Montreal, Ottawa, or Toronto?” Well, in 2022, inflation had made it such that I needed a location where I could start small. I kept in touch with Edmonton-based CPC members and met a number of families as I walked around, discovering the city, in May of this year.

A month later, I found a home to rent and came in with my husband, my 3-year-old, and our lives packed into 6 suitcases. Understanding the major overwhelm I was going through, my Canadian network welcomed me with open arms and helped me settle. They made the transition as smooth as possible, with all the love and kindness in the world. “We do not want anything in return. Just pay it forward any way you see fit.” I was blown away. Little did I know, when making this move around the world, that I was arriving to find a team of angels in Canada.

How My Community of Colleagues Have Become Treasured Friends – Skye Berry

When asked if I have “acts of kindness” stories, I do not know where to begin. I have gained valuable friendships from CPC that blissfully transcend beyond the professional. I am bathed in gratitude every day for the kindness our members show. From Daisy WrightMaureen McCann, and Adrienne Tom (among many others) who deliver valuable business advice when I need it; to Gayle Draper, sending me little notes of encouragement and articles to read about parenting children with learning differences; to Barb Penney, sending wonderful tidbits about leading a CPC team, and to Kamee Gilmore mailing me a beautiful book during a challenging personal time. I am beyond blessed for this community that exudes the mantra of “purposeful kindness.”

I’ll leave you with a quote from the book Kamee sent me: “At this very moment, she said, I am building a world so beautiful, it is always, even when it is complicated, completely worth my while.” — M. H. Clark, Today, Tomorrow, & Every Day: Thoughts on Living a Brave and Real and Gorgeous Life.

Heart, Humility, and Hard Work: How My Teen Helped a Family in Need – Kamee Gilmore

Last year, my son, an 11th grade student at the time, landed his first job with a large retailer. He was working 30 hours a week and attending school full time. Curious, I asked him what he planned on doing with his first-ever paycheque.

Of course, I was expecting a typical teenager response — perhaps a list of games or computer stuff he had been wanting. Or maybe he was planning to set it aside for something bigger for himself, like car insurance.


“Well, I get my paycheque on the same day that I get a 20% store discount,” he said, matter-of-factly. “I’m going to buy (list of items) for this family I heard about at school who can’t afford Christmas.”

“Whaaaaat!?!?!” Quite literally, that was my response.

This 16-year-old boy who had worked his butt off for the three solid weeks, and who was going to finally reap the rewards of his hard work, was dedicating his first-ever paycheque to bring a bit of joy to a family in need.

And he did.

The day after payday, he took to school a large sack of rice, container of laundry detergent, and a bin of other miscellaneous essential items that went to a family of five in need.

It was Nelson Mandela who said, “Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” If this unexpected and selfless act of purposeful kindness is any indication of what we can expect from our future leaders, I think it’s safe to say we are in good hands. And as a mother, I couldn’t be prouder.

How an Unexpected Act of Kindness Saved the Day – Cathy Milton

Recently, I went to a town about half an hour away to do grocery shopping. In my hurry to get there, I stupidly left my wallet at home. I only discovered this when I got to the grocery store. Luckily, I had a credit card in the pocket of my jacket!

I bought the groceries and paid for them with the credit card. I called and ordered a takeout pizza from a local shop, indicating I’d pay for it in-store. When I went to pick up the pizza, the card didn’t work! I tried 3 times…I tapped, I swiped, I inserted the chip — all attempts failed. I learned too late that the reason the card wouldn’t work is that the pizza place does not accept credit cards. They didn’t tell me that because they thought I was using a debit card. Now I was really stuck. I had no way to pay and it was half an hour’s drive back home.

Much to my surprise (and embarrassment), a young man behind me, in the now growing line of customers, paid for my pizza! He absolutely insisted. He wouldn’t give me his name or email address so I could e-transfer him the money later. He simply said, “No, I want to do this. I believe in karma.” Astounded by this young man’s generosity and beyond grateful for his kindness, I left knowing he was firmly on the path to attracting good karma in his life.

Ruby’s Big Adventure: How a Homeless Puppy Journeyed to Safety – Maureen Farmer

Meet Ruby. Ruby is a rescue puppy from the island of Grand Turk. As in many countries, homeless and unwanted dogs roam the streets and countryside. While visiting my sister and her husband in Grand Turk two weeks ago (my first vacation since 2018), we encountered an 11-week-old homeless puppy completely alone. After much deliberation, we decided to bring her home with us to Nova Scotia, Canada.

It was not an easy undertaking. First, we needed to determine the process for transporting an animal to a different country. My sister and brother-in-law worked tirelessly to arrange a vet examination, complete the government paperwork, and arrange to get Ruby onto the 3 different flights home.

We are delighted to, once again, have a puppy in our home. The fun and antics she displays keep us entertained while we take great comfort in knowing she now has a safe home. We would like to gratefully acknowledge the kindness of Chris at the Grand Turk SPCA.

Do you have stories of acts of kindness?

Please share in the comments. Happy holidays, everyone!

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Beautiful stories!

What a lovely idea. I think I will share this idea with my students. Thank you.

Our members, volunteers, and CPC staff are a lifeline and support system for one another! They help us break barriers, address challenges, and create a sense of belonging.

As Skye said there are several people who have been generous in their help to me personally and the truth is I am grateful for each and every person with CPC!