6 Easy Platforms for Creating Stunning Résumé Websites

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Are you looking for a new and innovative service to offer your clients? Creating a résumé website (sometimes simply referred to as a personal website) can really help our job-seeking clients stand out from the crowd. As a career professional, you know how to craft a strategic and effective résumé. But what if you feel less confident with the technical demands of creating a website for that résumé? Luckily, there are website builders available that make it easy to create sites, even if you have limited or no technical knowledge. Below, I’ll cover six platforms for creating stunning websites so you can add résumé website building to your repertoire.

What is a Résumé Website?

A résumé website is a personal website where individuals can showcase their résumé or CV, biography, testimonials, and examples of their professional work and accomplishments. The website is not necessarily intended to replace the traditional résumé document. Rather, it serves as a supplemental tool that can expand the reach and audience of a résumé.

What are the Benefits of a Résumé Website?

Unlike when you upload a résumé to LinkedIn, having a résumé website allows for creativity and gives complete control over personal branding, from the URL (clientname.com) to the design and colour schemes.

The singular focus of a résumé website is also helpful and effective for job-seeking clients. For example, there are no ads or notifications fighting for the reader’s attention.

Anyone can access the résumé 24/7. If a client is networking over the phone or via video conference, interested parties can view their résumé right away via the site.

Passive job-seeking is another benefit. By conducting a search using keywords and phrases that are important to them, prospective employers and recruiters can readily find the client’s online résumé.


Carrd is a single-page website builder, which is perfect for online résumés. You can simply choose a website template and start plugging in information (if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Carrd). The templates are clean and modern, and you can create up to 10 sites for only $19 USD a year.


Wix is one of the most popular and simplest website builders. They also provide templates specifically for résumé websites, which makes it easy to get started. I used Wix when I began building websites ten years ago and it was a great platform to learn on.

Standard Resume

Standard Resume is technically a résumé builder, not a website builder. But when you build a résumé with its software, it creates an online version with a customizable URL. If you want to quickly create a striking online résumé, Standard Resume is your choice.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another one-page website builder that’s ideal for résumé websites. With a focus on images and typography, it’s a great option for clients seeking jobs in creative industries. It’s also probably the easiest-to-use website builder on this list.


There’s a very good chance you’ve been on a WordPress site today, as the software powers 39.6% of the internet in 2021. It’s popular in part because of its user-friendliness. Like other website builders, you pick a template, insert information, and presto — a brand-new résumé website!


While you don’t need any coding knowledge to build on Webflow, the learning curve is steeper than other website builders. With that said, Webflow websites are incredibly sleek (if you build on Webflow, it will look like you hired a web design agency for your client). They also offer free training through Webflow University to help you learn the platform.

You Can Do It!

Even if you have zero experience building websites, you can create stunning résumé websites on these platforms. Pick one that appeals to you, get a feel for it, and, before you know it, you’ll be able to create snazzy websites for your clients. Ultimately, it’s one more tool in your arsenal to help your clients shine.

Do you have experience using any of these website builders? Do you have others to recommend? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments

Spenser Smith, founder of ResumeKit, is a résumé specialist with a master’s degree in creative writing from UBC. He’s done communications and marketing for non-profit, for-profit, and governmental organizations. When he’s not working, you can find Spenser photographing owls in the temperate rainforests of British Columbia.

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

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Thanks for this Spenser. Such important information and I admit to being very much of a novice in this area as well as a bit overwhelmed by the different options.

Last edited 2 years ago by Cathy Milton

I’m glad you found the article useful, Jude! Thanks for reading.

I agree—the options can be overwhelming. I think the trick is picking one, playing around with it, and, if it isn’t working out, moving on.

Spenser, thank you for sharing your expertise and these resources. They are a great addition to my toolbox!

Last edited 2 years ago by Cathy Milton

Thanks for reading, Ksenia! Always happy to contribute to the toolboxes of others.