16 Resources to Support Mental Health and Wellness During the Pandemic

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, CPC has shared many helpful resources on their websites and on social media.

Staying healthy, both physically and mentally, has been — and will continue to be — an ongoing theme. In support of that theme, I’ve gathered up a number of PDFs you can download. Each one contains helpful information for you and your clients.

First, a 20-minute video from Deepak Chopra: “Dealing with Emotional Turbulence and Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic and After”

Mental Health Fact Sheets

COVID-19 and Your Mental Health

“Psychology Works” Fact Sheet: Psychological Impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 – Guidance & Tools to Support Mental Wellness

Maintaining Your Mental health During the COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 Pandemic: Tips for coping with uncertainty in the midst of a pandemic (infographic)

Coping with Stress and Anxiety Amidst COVID-19

How to manage anxiety during the COVID-19 outbreak

Coping with Stress and Anxiety as a Result Of COVID-19

Managing COVID-19 Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Tips on Managing Anxiety about COVID-19


Self-Isolation and Social Distancing: How to stay engaged, active, mindful and relaxed

Colorado Coronavirus Coping Study Daily Mindfulness Group: Daily Wellness Strategies

COVID-19: Tips for mindfulness and coping with anxiety

Mindfulness Buffers the Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak Information on Sleep Duration

Relaxation and mindfulness tools


Staying Active During the Coronavirus Pandemic

I sincerely hope these resources will help you to maintain good physical and mental health.

If you’re feeling stressed and are a CPC member, you’re welcome to join our weekly Member Check-in meeting. All Canadian careerpros are welcome to participate in our LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

Janet Barclay is a former employment counsellor who supports Career Professionals of Canada as technology manager, and many of its members with her web design services and website care plans.  When she’s away from her desk, she enjoys reading, photography, cooking, watching movies, spending time with her family, and walking her dog.

Photo by Wokandapix on Pixabay

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