Congratulations Amy Bjerknes, CDP!

By Cathy Milton. Congratulations to CPC member Amy Bjerknes who recently became the first person to successfully complete all five courses in Career Professionals of Canada’s Career Development Practitioner (CDP) Certificate Program! This is a significant achievement that required a lot of hard work and focus. In CPC’s record book, Amy will always hold the distinction of being the first…

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Happy Victoria Day!

Victoria Day is a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25 in every province and territory. It honours Queen Victoria’s birthday. In Quebec this holiday is called “National Patriotes Day” (Journée nationale des patriotes). Enjoy this long-weekend in May. It’s the unofficial start of the cottage season in Canada!

Top 150 PLUS Canadian Resume Tips

By Adrienne Tom. Professionals can employ a wealth of tips and best practices to raise the value of a resume. Recognizing that no two job seekers are exactly alike, the following resume tips offer a variety of starting points and next-level improvements for both Canadian career practitioners and job seeking clients. Apply the tips that best suit your resume creation…

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Small Business Webinar Automation Tools for Career Firms

By Kristin Vandegriend. Many career service firms are small businesses run by their owners. As small business owners, we want to build and support our client base with progressive online features such as webinars, but we cannot do it without the right technology. Here is a look at automation as a way to reach more clients, streamline business activities, and help make our lives…

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CPC Membership: A High Return on Investment

Career Professionals of Canada

By Adrienne Tom. There is a reason that CPC has grown its membership by 30% in the last year! Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) attracts professionals from coast to coast.   Are you a current member?  If not, we encourage you to learn more about the enormous benefits that this member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise offers career pros. A variety of programs…

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21 Job Search Tips and Trends

By Giselle Mazurat. I love trend research because without it we wouldn’t have a clue about where the world is going. As career practitioners, if we don’t know where things are going, we might share outdated information with our clients, leaving them improperly equipped to compete in the marketplace. We need to see the coming trends so we can position our…

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Resume Writing Tips from a Subcontract Writer

By Giselle Mazurat. As a subcontract writer, I don’t meet with clients face-to-face. My client intake starts when my vendor asks me if I’m available to interview a client over the phone. To prepare for the interview, I ask the client to send me a few job advertisements that represent the position(s) he or she is seeking, and to think…

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Happy National Volunteer Week #NVW2017

By Sukhjit Singh. Happy National Volunteer Week #NVW2017, here is my gift to awesome #volunteers V-Power #MakeADifference #Canada150 #NewCdn #cdnimm We are cognizant that Canada would not be the country it is today without the peace and friendship of Nations indigenous to Canada, and the innumerable contributions of peoples from a diverse cultural mosaic. In recognition, as the country marks 150…

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Volunteering Creates Leaders in our Industry

By Sharon Graham. National Volunteer Recognition Week April 23 to 29, 2017  “13.3 million Canadians volunteer 2.1 billion hours, the equivalent of 1.1 million full-time jobs.” Canada Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participating conducted by Statistics Canada and supported by Volunteer Canada. During National Volunteer Recognition Week, we’re reminded of the outstanding volunteer leadership provided by members of Career Professionals of Canada. As…

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Today is Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day

Every year more than six million Canadians, including almost every school-aged child in Canada, take part in annual Earth Day celebrations. Take action and join this global movement to create a sustainable future. Check out Earth Day events in your area and add your event to the Earth Day Calendar.

Case Study: How Language Impacts New Immigrant Outcomes

By Lori Jazvac. I sometimes get asked by clients whether their language and pronunciation will affect career outcomes. I relate the story of my mother, Anica (aka “Annie”), a determined immigrant who once ventured to Canada with relatively few English communication skills. Annie’s Canadian Workplace Career Transition Back in the mid-60s, the hiring manager at Hamilton’s leading glass factory was recruiting…

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Client Intake Process Development / Optimization for Resume Writing Services

By Kamee Gilmore. As career professionals and resume strategists, we often say that “first impressions count.” The intake process for resume writing services is where the initial communication occurs and vital information is exchanged. It also sets the tone of your client’s overall impression and experience. You want to ensure that it is a memorable one! The “intake process” is the interface…

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Career Development Ethics & Theory – CCDP Preparation Course

Career Development Ethics & Theory  CDP PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM …leading to CCS & CCDP Certification NEXT FULLY FACILITATED ONLINE COURSE STARTS SOON We are pleased to offer a one-of-a-kind professional development program for those practitioners who are working towards their Certified Career Strategist (CCS) and Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) certifications. The next distance learning classes start in January. Check…

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Becoming a Subject Matter Expert

By Natalie MacLellan. Whether we are engaged in career coaching, interview consulting, or resume and profile writing, our clients rely on our specialized knowledge. Clients come to us because we are assumed to know things that they do not. People regard us as Subject Matter Experts. A Subject Matter Expert (SME) is a recognized authority in his or her field. You…

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Industry-Leading Advanced Resume Development Certificate Program

 Not sure how to write a strategic resume? You’re not alone. Build your credibility…  …and your resume writing skills. Advanced Resume Development Certificate Program Next 5-week fully facilitated online program is scheduled for May 2017 If you are serious about advancing your expertise in resume writing, or if you are considering applying for your Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) Certification in the…

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