Workplace Flexibility On the Rise


By Lori Jazvac. In my earlier career, a manager suggested that I start working from home to perform collection calls in the evening. At the time, I declined. I had grown up with the notion that a traditional “9-5” role constituted working only outside of the home, an assumption likely formed because my parents worked shifts in a factory for over…

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Budget Creates Flexibility and Opportunity for Canadians Seeking New Skills, Education and Jobs.

News Feature

March 22nd, 2017 (OTTAWA) – Career development professionals from across Canada are applauding the federal government’s agenda for increasing labour market participation. The 2017 Federal Budget, tabled today in Ottawa by Minister Morneau took important steps to invest in labour force participation for underrepresented groups, especially youth, women, indigenous populations and veterans. While the government did not commit to a national…

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A Holistic Approach to Career Development


By Conny Lee. Holistic, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is “characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”  In considering this, it seems natural that we should approach our careers holistically as well. There is more to our lives than our careers alone and more to our careers than earning…

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New Publication: Smart strategies for managing workplace bullies out of your life and business


An alarming number of employees suffer from bullying at work.  The cost of bullying is enormous—from the lost productivity, trust, and well-being among workers to the expense of replacing people who leave, increased healthcare, and litigation.  It doesn’t have to be this way. THE BULLY-PROOF WORKPLACE: Essential Strategies, Tips, and Scrips for Dealing with the Office Sociopath is designed to…

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Happy St. Patricks Day!


St Patrick’s Day commemorates the life and work of St Patrick, a Christian missionary who lived in the fourth and fifth centuries. The shamrock leaf, a species of clover, is the St. Patrick’s Day symbol and GREEN is the colour of the day. Irish festivities take place all across the country. Many Canadian cities hold St. Patrick’s Day parades. At pubs, restaurants, and parties…

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Work/Life Balance Primer


By Rachael Maxcy. Work/Life balance is important to career development in many ways. Here are three self-help articles that are sure to stimulate thought on how you can gain balance between your personal and professional lives. Personal Time: How To Regain Balance In Your Life Overview: Helps the individual to evaluate what is important to him or her and then how to use…

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The Pursuit of Work/Life Balance: Step Back to the Shore


By Adrienne Tom. It’s been almost 10 years since I became a mom and a business owner, back to back.  I tried my best to prepare, but each role involved a lot of “learn as you go.”  One of my biggest personal challenges was finding a way to simultaneously meet the needs of both of these high-demand roles. When things…

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Understand Employment Strategy and You’ll Write Superior Resumes

Lori Jazvac

By Lori Jazvac. You cannot hone your craft of resume writing without truly understanding employment strategy. The world of work is shaped by complex and shifting demographic, social, political, and economic factors. As a resume strategist, you are not only a writer. You are a change leader, a brand innovator, and a value enabler. Using your ability to craft a resume,…

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Do Resume Writers Need to Study Grammar?


By Marian Bernard. Do we resume writers need to study grammar? Although we might knee-jerk react and answer “no” to this question, I would beg to differ. Just as our clients keep current on up-and-coming events in their respective industries, we are obligated to do so as well. I speak from personal experience. Let me take you back to 1996,…

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What’s Your Career Competence? Try Our New Self-Assessment Form


Career Professionals of Canada is very pleased to introduce you to Career Competence, a free self-assessment and professional development website and planning tool. Career Competence Career Competence is an interactive form for Career Development Practitioners to assess competencies against The Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs.) Feel free to download the interactive Career Competence pdf form. The document will allow…

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Canadian Resources for Career Development Practitioners


By Natalie MacLellan. Resources for Career Development Practitioners Whether you are new to the field or have been around for years, a good practitioner realizes it’s not possible to know it all. What you do need to know is where to find the answers when you need them. The following report is by no means an exhaustive guide to the…

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Career Professional Paths: Career Coach, Career Counsellor or Career Consultant


By Christine Cristiano. The majority of career professionals enter into the profession with a passion for helping jobseekers to navigate the job market and secure suitable employment. However, it can be confusing for the practitioner to determine where his or her skills fit into the career vocation equation. Likewise, for individuals seeking professional career guidance, the difference between coaching, counselling, and…

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Target Your Career Service for a Specific Client Segment


By Marian Bernard. “Not everyone is your customer,” said Mark Imperial, the Chicago-based marketing genius behind When I first heard Mark utter these words, I thought, “You are SO right on, Mark!” It is far easier for me to partner with clients with whom I can share my experience and equip them with the knowledge they need to advance…

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How to Brand Your Business for Success


By Adrienne Tom. Career professionals are well aware of the importance of branding as part of both a personal and professional strategy.  Many of us provide branding support to clients, but sometimes we forget to give our own brand the required time and attention it deserves. Solidifying and fostering a strong business brand is a key component to business success….

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Certification Has its Privileges…Jump on Board!

Get Certified

By Daisy Wright. In the current economic climate where career change has become the norm, many people have started to think of ways of becoming more competitive and staying ahead of their peers. While some are enrolling in certificate, diploma, or degree programs, others are earning certification in their specialized fields. As a career professional – self-employed or not –…

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