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Career Pros Share Résumé “No-No’s”

June 19, 2020 |
Thumbs-down to résumé red flags and no-no's

The impact of a good résumé is truly immeasurable and can translate into positive outcomes for job seekers, including shortened job searches, higher employment, or increased salaries. In comparison, the impact of a poorly written document containing résumé red flags can create results that are just the opposite: long, frustrating job searches, no interview calls, and a multitude of missed opportunities. As a Master Certified Résumé Strategist at Career Impressions, I see a lot of résumé red flags — or “no-no’s” — that generate poor outcomes for job seekers. To help job seekers…

Résumé Writing Contradictions and Challenges

June 16, 2020 |
This way, that way road sign, résumé contradictions

When it comes to résumé writing, everyone has an opinion. There is no lack of advice offered by career strategists and you may find that contradictions often exist. However, there may be more to the story. True résumé strategy is not about blindly following any rule. Many principles and guidelines make sense. However, the challenge for practitioners is to understand a range of methods and techniques and apply them only when appropriate. Following are some typical résumé contradictions. If you find yourself saying, “I always do it this way,” then…

Three Steps to a Résumé with the Power to Influence

May 22, 2020 |
Words have power

As a professional résumé strategist, I have clients from around the globe who share their résumés with me. I see résumés that are unproductively sparse and contain nothing that might entice a recruiter. I see equally unproductively dense résumés, containing every little, tiny, itsy-bitsy thing the person ever completed, provided, and maybe even dreamed — and still they have nothing that might appeal to readers. The authors range from students to seasoned professionals, from clerical to health workers, from educators to trades people, from financial whizzes to organizational gurus. It…

Résumé Writing Tips from a Subcontract Writer

May 21, 2020 |
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As a subcontract writer, I don’t meet with clients face-to-face. My client intake starts when my vendor asks me if I’m available to interview a client over the phone. To prepare for the interview, I ask the client to send me a few job advertisements that represent the position(s) he or she is seeking, and to think about the types of problems solved or challenges faced in former roles. Then, I work directly with the client to create an authentic and marketable résumé. Here are some of my strategies: Generic…

Retire Tired Words in Your Next Résumé

May 20, 2020 |
resume writer

You may have participated in some thought-provoking online debates between résumé writers and discovered that some strategists feel that certain words used in résumés are “dead,” while others find them to be valuable and descriptive. In my professional opinion, you should never discount or include any specific word in your client’s résumé unless you have seriously considered the potential outcome. When determining what to say in your client’s résumé, consider every word, phrase, and sentence carefully. How many times have you led into a client’s résumé with these words? Results-oriented……

Make the Shift From Résumé Templates to Branded Résumés

May 19, 2020 |
Employer reviewing candidate résumé

For most career and employment practitioners, it is a well-known fact that a résumé template will not compete effectively against a branded résumé in a competition for a prime opportunity. It may be no big revelation to you that résumé templates are rampant — in applications like Microsoft Word, and even in online résumé building tools and stand-alone applications. You can readily find examples online of templates having been used by certified writers. Templates can also be spotted in popular sample books and even in industry resources. However, if you…