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Bias is a Four-Letter Word

September 11, 2020 |
Time for change to eliminate bias

According to Psychology Today, a bias is a “tendency, inclination, or prejudice toward or against something or someone.” It is usually learned or developed through direct experience or conditioning. Some biases, though, are positive and helpful. For example, having a bias for only eating healthy food is a positive thing. But biases are often based on stereotypes, rather than actual knowledge of an individual or circumstance. Whether positive or negative, such cognitive shortcuts can result in prejudgments that lead to rash decisions and even discriminatory practices. We all have experienced bias in some way,…

Global Crisis: A Wake-Up Call to Raise Our Consciousness

May 8, 2020 |
Man sitting mindfully on beach at sunset

These days, we are all in the midst of a complex transition requiring a careful reengineering of our daily lives and routines. We’ve had to quickly learn to navigate the world of remote work while being challenged by an unpredictable economy. I have conversed with clients who are using “a one day at a time approach.” This is what it takes now — just one day at a time and one step at a time. It is easy to blame external forces for this chaos and ask ourselves “why now?”…

50+ Helpful, Fun, and Educational Resources For and About Kids

May 6, 2020 |
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Well-Being Support for Kids and Parents How to give your kid a special birthday while stuck at home (Today’s Parent) Working from home with kids feels unsustainable. Here’s how to ease the burden. ( Mental Health and Well-Being Resources (TDSB: Toronto District School Board) Helping Kids in Changing Times  (TDSB: Toronto District School Board) How to support student mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic (School Mental Health Ontario) Kids Help Phone provides a 24/7 e-mental health service. Talking to children about COVID-19 and its impact (CAMH: The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) Talking to your anxious…

5 Keys to Excellence for Your Career and Life

September 6, 2019 |
Careerpreneurial strategies for success

By Skye Berry-Burke. The other day, while visiting my child’s pediatrician, I saw an article about the “8 Keys of Excellence” for making great kids greater. Five of these “keys” were immediately etched in my mind and I continued to think about how these principles for achieving excellence apply to all of us – young and old, career pros and our clients. As a new school year approaches, many people – whether they are students or not – view this time as an opportunity to focus on professional and personal…

How to Prioritize

July 21, 2017 |

By Lysa Appleton. “Defer no time; delays have dangerous ends”.  (William Shakespeare) Prioritizing is one of the most difficult aspects of time management.  It can be challenging to know which things are most important and what to do first.  How you prioritize is really based on your needs, values, expectations, and external demands; and, it is an essential task if you want to leverage your time to your advantage. The Glass Jar To illustrate this, let me share the popular story of The Glass Jar; a time management metaphor that uses…

Mining for Strengths – Questions to Build Self-esteem and Motivation

July 15, 2017 |

By Richard Hamilton. Unemployment can have a profoundly adverse impact on our client’s self-esteem and motivation. Clients come to us with some feeling of failure, fully focused on their short comings rather than their strengths; we need to move that self-doubt out of the way.  By exploring our client’s interests and related successes, we can help reconstruct self-esteem and activate motivation. You may be thinking, “Who has the time to explore our client’s lives, uncovering hidden interests and mining for strengths?”.  Our instinct is to move to action, resume writing,…