Ten Tips for Starting your own Career Business

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By Lori Jazvac.

When starting out, setting up your own career consulting or resume writing business can prove to be quite a challenge. As an entrepreneur, I provide services to clients through my virtual resume writing and career consulting practice. I would like to share with you some tips I have found useful in setting up my own business:

  1. Assess your background to determine your marketable skills, knowledge, and abilities. Identify your Unique Value Proposition. What skills demonstrate your strengths and which ones do you need to improve upon? What sets you apart from other career entrepreneurs?
  2. Identify your target market. I enjoy working with a wide variety of professionals while other career professionals specialize. Do you want to serve as a generalist, or work exclusively with graduates/new scholars, career changers, or senior level executives?
  3. Conduct research to identify competition in your region. Locate resume writing services locally and online who serve a similar target market. Find out what services they provide, along with their pricing and their experience, to determine ways to further differentiate your business.
  4. Decide on the exact types of services you plan to offer and establish pricing scales for each.
  5. Generate a unique name for your resume writing and/or career coaching business. Make sure that your company name reflects your brand, true purpose, and values. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce, Provincial Government, or Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to find out how to register your business.
  6. Make a list of supplies and equipment you need for your resume writing business. Keep additional or commonly used supplies on hand, which saves time and promotes efficiency.
  7. Create enough space for your office to meet with clients face-to-face or work virtually, depending on your preferences and needs. Make your home office as comfortable and professional as possible. Ensure that you dress up every day and professionalize yourself even when you are working from home.
  8. Join a reputable professional organization. CPC helps you to network and stay updated on important career related developments, changes, and labour market trends in the field.
  9. Contact friends, family, and colleagues. Start out by proposing a limited-time, special rate for your services. Use their resumes and case studies to develop a diverse portfolio that showcases your expertise.
  10. Work with a website designer to create a website, brochure, and business cards. Use your marketing materials to advertise in local print. Visit college campuses; leave brochures or business cards in libraries, career services offices, and bulletin boards. Alternatively, design your own website through wix or WordPress.
  11. Use social media. Investigate LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Then, choose the social media avenues that meet your business needs and interests.
  12. Stay organized. Use customized forms to structure your business and help you navigate the whole resume writing and/or career coaching process from beginning to end. Be consistent with how you serve your clients.

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Its was really very great post. Some of the points were very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Nicely researched and then served to the audience. Not all bloggers do this. Thanx for delivering the genuine information.

Thanks for your feedback. 🙂 Glad that you found these tips helpful.

Awesome post! 🙂 Love the specificity of this article. Keep up the great work, Lori!!

Great advice! I hope they will prove helpful while working at clevelandseo company.

What a great list! I will gladly use your tips 🙂

Great approach to the topic, bravo to the author, it was extremely enjoyable to read 🙂
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Starting a career doesn’t seem so scary with your advice!