About Career Professionals of Canada

About Career Professionals of Canada

Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) is a member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise.

We are a leading national association for career practitioners supporting the Canadian labour market. We create opportunities for our members to gain contacts, credentials, and credibility within the field.

CPC operates virtually, offering members a range of programs including professional development courses, certification, and awards.  Networking opportunities include mastermind mentoring programs, tele-networking discussions, online forums, LinkedIn and Facebook groups. We provide business services such as liability insurance, and help members to connect with individuals and organizations seeking their services. There are volunteer opportunities to allow members to share, learn, and grow. As a bonus, members often develop meaningful business and personal relationships through their connections with other members.

We work with our members to help them to achieve success as they take their career and business to new horizons.

Career Professionals of Canada’s mission is to inspire practitioners across Canada by providing the support and tools they need to advance their career, business, and professional development goals. Working together, we:

  • Promote quality, ethics, and expertise within the field.
  • Raise the capabilities, profile, and visibility of our members.
  • Help members develop meaningful professional relationships.
  • Encourage members to advance their career service goals.
  • Give back to the Canadian career community and labour market.

We work together for career success!

Career Professionals of Canada
Working Together for Career Success!