Online Courses for Career Professionals

Career Professionals of Canada is setting the Canadian standard for excellence in our field.

CPC’s Courses are online training programs designed for your professional development.

CPC Member Barbara Wilson tells us why she loves CPC’s Online Training.
Lena Stewart tells us how membership, courses, and certification helped her gain confidence.

CPC’s Career Development Practitioner (CDP) courses are ideal if you want to update your competencies, working towards your provincial/territorial Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) designation, and want prepare to apply for your Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) Certifications. 

CPC’s courses are fully facilitated and you receive a very rich interactive learning experience. Our online courses are designed to give you personalized professional development. You can access the course during the daytime, evening, or weekend as you prefer. You complete the modules on your schedule from the convenience of your home or office. Just select, register, and pay for courses as you are ready to take them. You can find the full course list, schedule, and fees at

“When I initially started the CDP courses, I thought that I would simply complete the work. I was not expecting the sharing of resources and the forging of professional relationships that occurred.

The participants in my courses were willing to share resources and offer advice when unique client situations arose via our online discussion forums. The courses are designed in a way to allow the learner to delve into the topic deeper and to probe for new solutions, ideas and more.

My recommendation is to take the courses; not only are you learning, but you have the opportunity to exchange resources and to broaden your professional network. “

Amy Bjerknes, Police Test Tutor – First Graduate of CPC’s Career Development Practitioner (CDP) Program, successfully completing all five courses. 

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