Résumé Expert Q&A Session


Want to learn some hot résumé tips?

Maureen McCann and Kamee Gilmore interview eight of Canada’s top résumé experts.
In this podcast, you’ll learn some hot tips and strategies in résumé writing.

Scroll down for the full Résumé Expert Q&A Session recording and the Résumé Research Report.


CPC Masterminds Maureen McCann and Kamee Gilmore are on a quest to increase the visibility of the résumé writing profession, educate the public, and improve clients’ understanding of services provided. They recently reached out to their personal professional network to research the value offered to clients and the prices charged for various services. Through their research, Maureen and Kamee quickly realized that these résumé experts had a wealth of knowledge to share and an incredible generosity of spirit. Knowing that Canada Career Month was just around the corner, they arranged to interview the same group of select professionals for this very special Résumé Expert Q&A Session. Here’s your chance to listen to the full podcast!

This special Canada Career Month Podcast is brought to you by Career Professionals of Canada. It is made possible through the expert support of Maureen McCann from ProMotion Career Solutions and Kamee Gilmore from Paradigm Résumé Services

Maureen McCann
ProMotion Career Solutions
"When it comes to something as important as a person’s career, is there value in hiring a certified career professional? Most people come to us in search of a résumé, only to discover that we offer significantly more value."
Kamee Gilmore
Paradigm Résumé Services
"Career Professionals of Canada is a leading national association for practitioners supporting the Canadian labour market.  Today, we are asking industry experts to share their top résumé writing strategies."
Kristin Vandegriend
Career Story
"I always say to my clients, 'We want to share the right stories. We want to help this employer catch a vision of the value you can really add and ultimately make their job as easy as possible.'”
Marian Bernard
The Regency Group
“We résumé writers take the time to uncover what makes the job seeker tick…what they do better than 499 other people. We’re uncovering the unique benefits and value that our job-seeking clients have."
Adrienne Tom
Career Impressions
“I often remind my clients that the résumé may be all about you, but it isn’t meant for you. At the end of the day, the best way to demonstrate personal value in a résumé is to customize details in relation to the employer’s requirements.”
Christine Cristiano
Ideal Career Services
“A resume specifically created to accommodate the Applicant Tracking System will increase the odds that the résumé will make it through the software, and hopefully your client will get a chance to interview."
Daisy Wright
The Wright Career Solution
“As professional résumé writers, we have to tell potential clients that a professionally written résumé is not a cost. It’s more an investment in their future earning power."
Stephanie Clark
New Leaf Résumés
“Today’s résumé is not a literal, historical listing of every job anyone has ever held. Rather, it is a strategic document curated to include what we want in it as much as what we don’t want in it."
Holly Hagan
It's Personal Branding
“When you think about your résumé as marketing material for your personal brand, it makes sense to target your marketing to your audience."
Gayle Draper
Intentional Careers and Human Resources
“I tell my clients we must also look at networking as nurturing our contacts - not just when you need a favour."

Research Report on Résumé Pricing

Here’s a sneak peek at Maureen McCann’s and Kamee Gilmore’s research report on résumé pricing. Look out for the full report coming very soon!