CPC Membership Snapshot

CPC Membership Snapshot

Career Professionals of Canada is an inclusive member organization.

CPC Members come from all sectors and regions across Canada:

Universities and Colleges, Non-Profit Employment Services, Government Organizations, Outplacement Firms, Corporate HR/OD Departments, Professional Associations, Independent Practitioners.


Members of Career Professionals of Canada are a diverse group of individuals. Members include a wide variety of career professionals: Career Development Practitioners, Employment Consultants, Career Coaches, Résumé Writers, Guidance Counsellors, Vocational Consultants, Life Coaches, Job Developers, Outplacement Consultants, Executive Coaches, Management Consultants, Leadership Coaches, Organizational Development Professionals, and many other Career Professionals.

  • Brock University
  • Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Canadian Career Academy
  • College of New Caledonia
  • Conestoga College
  • George Brown College
  • Herzing College
  • McMaster University
  • Memorial University
  • Saint Mary’s University
  • Seneca College
  • St. Clair College
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Wilfrid Laurier University

Being the first Ontario college with a fully certified staff was important in increasing the quality of services that we offer students and has led to the development of a “fee for service” unit accessible to the public. The credibility of our Career Centre also has been impacted by our staff’s new qualifications.

Carol Henry
Seneca College
Christine Cristiano, Ideal Career Services

My clients can be assured that, as a member of CPC, I am governed by the highest level of ethics and professionalism in servicing their needs. My membership enables me to keep abreast of new advances in career counselling and career document creation. Additionally, I have the opportunity to connect with other career professionals to exchange information and resources, and explore new trends in the career development sector.

Christine Cristiano
Ideal Career Services

Being part of the CPC Mastermind Group provided me with the peer mentoring support that I needed to push my business to the next level. The relationships that I formed and the insights that I have gained have been instrumental in guiding how I structure and operate my business. I’m grateful for Sharon’s encouraging, visionary leadership in making this group happen. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to build up their career services business.

Kristin Vandegriend
Career Story

When I initially started the CDP courses, I thought that I would simply complete the work. I was not expecting the sharing of resources and the forging of professional relationships that occurred.

The participants in my courses were willing to share resources and offer advice when unique client situations arose via our online discussion forums. The courses are designed in a way to allow the learner to delve into the topic deeper and to probe for new solutions, ideas and more.

My recommendation is to take the courses; not only are you learning, but you have the opportunity to exchange resources and to broaden your professional network.

Amy Bjerknes
Police Test Tutor – First Graduate of CPC’s Career Development Practitioner (CDP) Program, successfully completing all five courses.

What I really like about CPC is that it offers not just the core mandatory courses required for certification but a robust curriculum. I’ve actually completed five CPC courses. I spent 15 years of my career in the learning and development profession, leading a team of e-learning designers and developers so I can say with confidence that all of CPC courses are really well designed. They’re engaging and most importantly they follow adult learning principles.

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Barbara Wilson
Thrive Career Consulting

I want to speak my heart. CPC gave me tools to empower myself and others as well. It feels good to be in the company of accomplished Career Professionals in Canada. CPC credentials make me stand out.

Sukhjit Singh

I started looking at membership benefits and it was amazing. I started participating on the Facebook Page. I started participating in the Teleseminars. I fell in love! The people in this community are amazing and generous, kind and motivating. I feel like I actually belong to something that is important.

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Sandie Seymour
Seymour Possibilities

I joined CPC, committed to trying to mitigate the “impostor syndrome” through networking and education. I was starting from scratch when it came to connections within the profession. CPC has really helped me nurture those relationships and network within the career development industry itself.

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Lena Stewart
Modern Resume

I haven’t been a member that long but the group has been very welcoming. The members of CPC are really great sounding board. There is a wealth of knowledge. The members are very willing to share their expertise. Of all the groups that I’m involved in, CPC is the group that has helped me with my core business.

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Michelle Precourt
Recruitment Coaching By Michelle Precourt
Wayne Pagani

We were first introduced to The Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) out of a desire to find training and staff development opportunities for a non-profit employment service in Ottawa. After extensive research, we discovered that very few Canadian based organizations existed and none were available to offer the training or certifications that we sought. CPC however was a perfect fit.

Upon joining Career Professionals of Canada, I immediately gained access to numerous tools, resources, and a network of professionals across Canada. My career and business have flourished directly as a result of my membership with CPC.

Wayne Pagani
WP Consulting and Associates
Skye Berry-Burke

My search for professional development opportunities was challenging. There was not much Canadian content available on how to write a better resume for clients with barriers. That is, until I stumbled upon CPC. Recognizing the value that my membership in CPC could have for my clients, I eagerly asked the owner of the education center I was working for to pay for my membership into the organization. When my request was declined, I decided to pay for my own CPC membership, and applied for my Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) designation at the same time. Joining CPC was my first step in what has become the most amazing career journey!

After completing the CRS, I was excited to apply new-found resume writing skills and best practices in my work with clients. What started as just a way to help my clients succeed in their careers ended up taking me down a road I never anticipated. I noticed that every time I sat down with a client to help guide the client in the resume writing process, I felt alive. I quickly realized that resume writing, and the joy of helping people find their strength and passion through the written word, invigorated me.

Skye Berry-Burke
Skye is the Limit Resumes and CareerPreneur Partners
Adrienne Tom

CPC certifications have advanced my professional skills and created increased interest from prospective clients.

Adrienne Tom
Career Impressions and CareerPreneur Partners
Carrie Wakeford, Wakeford and Associates

As a member of Career Professionals of Canada, I’ve had so many great learning and networking opportunities.  In addition to my online member profile on the CPC site, I also had an article written profiling my background in the field; I’ve even had my blog posts featured.

I’ve participated in a Mastermind Group and joined in on many tele-networking sessions where I’ve had the opportunity to learn from leaders in the field.  I have also participated as a volunteer, won a CPC award and attended conferences as a CPC member.

I am self-employed so I value the connections and the personal and professional growth opportunities offered through my membership.  The support has helped me make important business decisions.  Sharon Graham does an amazing job managing the CPC SEO and as a member I have seen the benefits to my own online presence.  Thank you Sharon Graham and the CPC team!

Carrie Wakeford
Wakeford and Associates
Christine Cristiano, Ideal Career Services

My clients can be assured that, as a member of CPC, I am governed by the highest level of ethics and professionalism in servicing their needs. My membership enables me to keep abreast of new advances in career counselling and career document creation. Additionally, I have the opportunity to connect with other career professionals to exchange information and resources, and explore new trends in the career development sector.

Christine Cristiano
Ideal Career Services
Stephanie Clark

Career Professionals of Canada is an invaluable source of information and inspiration. By providing information in CPC teleclasses and the forum, presenting at job fairs, and being interviewed and featured nationally by the media, I have established myself as an expert.

Stephanie Clark
New Leaf Resumes
Maureen McCann
After performing due diligence, I quickly uncovered the only organization in Canada helping career professionals get better at being career professionals – Career Professionals of Canada. Instantly after joining, I learned that this was much more than a typical association…that this was a place where I could ask questions and get answers to the tough issues I was facing.CPC supported my desire to become a leading career professional and gave me, and many others like me, ample opportunity to lead – first within the organization, then in our own career. Because of CPC, I was able to earn and promote my credentials to start my own successful business, create a monthly tele-networking session sharing knowledge amongst members, and be nominated for and awarded two CPC Awards of Excellence.

Maureen McCann
Promotion Career Services
Gabrielle Suttis

When I signed up, I didn’t have my official company name website. It was so exciting my very first client found me and contacted me through the directory. She sent me an email directly and asked if I would help her out. I’m really happy I found CPC. I think it’s going to be a real game-changer for my company going forward.


Gabrielle Suttis
Go-Getter Resumes


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