Leadership Team

Career Professionals of Canada’s Leadership Team consists of our executive director, management team, course instructors, and volunteer advisors. The leadership team assists the executive director in strategic planning for CPC’s development and growth. They champion CPC’s initiatives, build awareness of our work within the field, and safeguard the best interests of the membership .

Sharon Graham
CPC Founder
Executive Director

Cathy Milton
CPC Senior Advisor
Communications Manager
Course Instructor

Gabrielle LeClair
CPC Senior Advisor
Standards Manager
Course Instructor
GDL Consulting

Maureen McCann
CPC Senior Advisor
Outreach Program Lead
Course Instructor
ProMotion Career Solutions

Wayne Pagani
CPC Senior Advisor
Course Instructor
W.P. Consulting & Associates

Daisy Wright
CPC Advisor
Volunteer Program Support
The Wright Career Solution

Dorothy Keenan
CPC Advisor
Ambassador Program Lead

Jayne Barron
CPC Advisor
Course Instructor
Workforce Solutions Group

Michelle Precourt
CPC Advisor
Linked-In Group Lead
Mindful HR Services

Debbie Lapointe
CPC Administrative Manager
Biz E-Solutions

Janet Barclay
CPC Technology Manager
Janet Barclay Web Design

Career Professionals of Canada was established in 2004.

Founding Members:

Andrew Roach | Audrey Field  | Daisy Wright | Deborah Foster-Stahle | Denyse Cowling
Howard Halpern | Judy Friedler | Judy Suke | Julie Fulford | Karen Shane | Martin Buckland
Marian Bernard | Michael Mayne | Howard Halpern | Ross McPherson | Sandra Lim | Sharon Graham

Past Advisors:

Tara Orchard | Lynda Reeves | Linda Schnabel | Adrienne Tom | Carrie Wakeford

IN MEMORY OF Robert (Bob) Love, Discover Your Gold – Original contributor to Career Professionals of Canada’s CCS program. Lost his battle against cancer after a valiant struggle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in January 2007.