You’ve Seen the Ads: What’s it Really Like to Work for Online Résumé Writing Firms?

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We have all seen those ads for certified résumé writers placed by,, and other online résumé writing firms. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for one of these firms?

There are many such résumé writing firms proliferating on the internet, but I limited my comparison to a selection of firms that are affiliated with industry résumé writing associations. These companies include:,,,, and

Not only do we have fellow members from these firms, but possibly those among us work as subcontractors for these firms as well — the advantages being increasing and maintaining consistent revenue, greater control over scheduling, and focusing on preferred fields.

This article researches the various firms and compares them on their price points, packages, process, guarantees, whether they use certified résumé writers, etc. The article does not intend to judge the merits of the different firms, but simply to provide comparative data and perhaps draw interesting conclusions. seems to operate on a different business model — offering not just résumé writing services, but lower-cost options: résumé editing, cover letter creation (not part of a package), and résumé tailoring (available exclusively to previous customers who want to target a specific industry or occupation.) also offers higher-end curriculum vitae editing and curriculum vitae writing, which can be bundled with cover letter creation services.

Most of these firms, with the exception of and, also offer corporate services. and offer corporate services for outplacement and co-branded web portal private label résumé writing services. also offers career development programs. provides employees with résumé preparation / distribution, electronic / web résumé creation, career planning and coaching, a 60-second infomercial strategy, job and recruitment research, and 24/7 customer support.

How is client information gathered?

Not all the firms use questionnaires to gather information to write the résumé – some favor telephone consultations, but all use email communication. Questionnaire and email communication. No phone consultations. Résumé writers receive the client’s existing résumé (in ASCII text), and use email communication. Phone consultations are used only when requested by the client.’s process involves a questionnaire, phone consultation, and email communication.’s information gathering process does not use a questionnaire — the interaction is by phone or in person (the company is located in Cary, North Carolina). It is also is very unusual that offers telephone consultations of unlimited length. Clients fill out an online form or attach a résumé, and a writer will initiate a phone consultation.

Will you be required to use set templates or styles? Use of various templates provided by is a requirement. does not use templates — the design and format is left to the discretion of the résumé writers. clients have the option of choosing their own design from an extensive gallery, or they can leave the decision to the résumé writer. No policy indicated. Generic templates are not used.

What kind of deadlines will you be working under? First draft turnaround time is 3 business days. And although advertises 24-hour (business day) rush service, I could not find the extra cost for the rush option anywhere on the website — until I started the order process; before checking out, I discovered that the rush fee for delivery of the first draft within 24 hours of receipt of questionnaire is $60, but the 24-hour promise excludes weekends. This is advantageous for subcontractors, as it may lengthen deadlines. First draft delivery is promised within 72 hours. For a 24-hour rush turnaround, adds $50 (the extra fee becomes a bonus for the résumé writer). First draft delivery is promised within 72 hours; however, priority service is available for a 48-hour turnaround at no extra charge. It is very puzzling that there is no timeframe stated for delivery of the first draft or project completion. Since does not even give a timeframe, I assume that there is no rush option. Same as above.

What is the timeframe for completing client revisions? The résumé writer will complete 2 rounds of revisions within 10 business days of receiving the first draft. Revisions are completed by the résumé writer within 7 days of the client receiving the first draft. The client may follow up with any questions and request additional revisions for 7 days after receiving the career document or critique. No policy indicated. No policy indicated.

How are subcontractors hired and compensated? and appear to be the ones actively recruiting subcontractors through advertising. Although online résumé firms hire subcontractors for the actual résumé writing work, in most cases, subcontractors must act as agents of the firm, and under no circumstances can clients know that the subcontractor is the proprietor of their own résumé writing business. To facilitate this image, usually the firm provides the résumé writer with a company email address and access to a company system to retrieve and send emails and client documents.

A difference with’s procedures is that the client works directly with the subcontractor (i.e., a résumé writing business owner). Although they are still required to represent themselves as a writer, the subcontractor and client email and telephone each other directly. operates on a completely different business model. Instead of hiring résumé business owners as subcontractors, client work is performed by employees of the company. Prospective staff writers are evaluated based first on their work experience. All writers hired have had successful real-world business backgrounds before joining the company, in addition to their college degrees, including management, marketing, advertising, accounting, engineering, IT, and sales. Business language writers and grammarians are also on staff. then ensures that each writer is properly trained / certified and possesses the necessary writing skills to meet the firm‘s and clients’ standards. Only after months of evaluating a writer’s work are they entrusted to participate on actual finalization of client work. Applicants should forward 3 work samples to Applicants should send their own résumé plus work samples to Go to parent company and click on Jobs — a lengthy job description and pay estimate is provided (however, looking carefully under the service guarantee, it states that “writers are compensated based on the satisfaction ratings submitted by customers”). Résumé writers available to receive jobs on the weekends are preferred. Using the link provided, applicants should submit their own résumé (as a Word attachment), cover letter, and one “before” and “after” example of a résumé they have edited or written. After review of the submission, writers will be emailed a full evaluation package. Applicants are instructed not to follow up by phone or email until they have been selected to complete the full evaluation package. No information provided. See above. Does not hire subcontractors. No indication of how to apply as a staff writer.

Sandra Lim, CPRW, CECC. CWPP has been MBTI®–qualified and a member of APT since 1997. She is the president of A Better Impression ( in Toronto, Canada. Sandra can be reached via email at

Copyright 2006. A Better Impression. All Rights Reserved. Published in the Career Directors Career Bytes newsletter (4/26/06). Reprinted by Career Professionals of Canada with permission.

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