Yoga – A Secret for Relieving Job Search Stress

alleviate job search stress with yoga

I recently worked with a client who landed an exciting entry-level engineering role with a growing and innovative company in Halton, Ontario. During our coaching sessions, he had asked for help in managing the stress he was feeling as a result of the job search process. Along with thoroughly dedicating himself to interview practice and preparation, and remaining optimistic, I suggested a wellness practice that has been instrumental in relieving my own stress: yoga.

The Plentiful Benefits of Yoga

I discovered yoga several years ago as a way to de-stress and become more centred. I enrolled in an eight-week class with a professional yoga instructor. After a short while, I began to see visible changes and experienced positive results by doing yoga at least twice a week.

There are a multitude of benefits from practicing yoga regularly. Here are 12 benefits that I’ve enjoyed:

  • Helps to manage stress proactively ­– rather than reactively
  • Improves breathing
  • Enhances self-awareness, focus, and promotes healthy lifestyle habits
  • Reduces pain
  • Promotes peaceful sleep at night and alertness throughout the day
  • Boosts confidence and clarity – re-shifts perspective and transforms old, non-productive patterns
  • Speeds up weight loss and assists in maintenance of a healthy weight
  • Improves eating habits and digestive processes
  • Uplifts mood and increases energy
  • Increases flexibility and posture through moderate stretching
  • Balances out the events of daily life – facilitates alignment with the rhythms of life
  • Enhances overall health and mobility

As a gentler alternative to the traditional gym routine, yoga provides a harmonious method of managing today’s fast-paced lifestyle. All you need is a comfortable, quiet space, a mat, soft lighting, and relaxed-fit clothing that allows for freedom of movement.

My Discoveries Through Yoga

By practicing yoga techniques and meditation, I discovered that I was able to look more introspectively and achieve personal growth by finding answers to work and life challenges.

Through my journey as an entrepreneur and yoga enthusiast, I have learned:

  • The importance of respect for others, but also self-respect
  • The importance of taking time out for myself
  • That I should always follow my intuition – it never lies
  • There is no need to rush – everything happens when it should, with perfect timing
  • That perseverance and patience pay off
  • To appreciate the uniqueness of every client – each one has something important to teach me

Helping Clients Relieve Stress Through Yoga

The secret to gaining work-life balance lies within.

In our hectic world, clients feel like they have to constantly multitask in order to meet all of their obligations. For many, this becomes the norm of daily life. Sometimes, in the midst of busyness, it is easy to lose focus on the job search and clients may escape by watching television, browsing the internet, or listening to music.

Recommend to your clients that they stop. Take a few moments, breathe, and give thanks for everything. Let them know that yoga is a simple, inexpensive, effective way to relieve job search stress.

Introduce your clients to some basic yoga techniques that will help them increase their energy levels and improve feelings of well-being. Recommend that they start with the beginner level, under a yoga instructor’s supervision, if they are new to yoga. Advise them to approach the advanced-level poses gradually, when they feel they are ready – never overexerting themselves.

Yoga offers alternative poses for novices that can be modified. The “downward dog” and “child’s pose” are two of my favourite yoga techniques – both offering a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

Try an online yoga class and motivate your clients to do yoga regularly, especially before the big interview, performance review, and first day on the job. Enhance your own career success and personal growth by transitioning from the chaos of a busy day to a calm state of mind and body.

Additional Resources

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As part of your personal career development plan for 2021, consider expanding the range of services you offer by completing CPC’s new Work-Life Coaching course. The course focuses on the work-life skills required to help clients be successful in living, learning, and working, while also empowering them to nurture their happiness, well-being, and sense of self.

Lori Jazvac is a passionate, award-winning Master Certified Résumé Strategist and Certified Employment Strategist through Career Professionals of Canada. As a multi-certified Master Résumé Writer and Certified Career Transition Coach, she specializes in helping clients navigate challenging career transitions. In 2013, an empowering vision inspired Lori to launch Creative Horizons Communications, a holistic career services firm where she virtually supports jobseekers around the globe to embrace their next career milestone. In her spare time, Lori enjoys dance, blogging, watching comedies and reality shows, yoga, and taking long walks in nature.

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What a great peice. I will certainly share with clients and of course myself as we all need great reminders.

Appreciate you fabulous writing skills.


I loved your article, Lori. Thanks for sharing. Such things are either ignored or we think it is not relevant.

Thanks, Gayle and Sukhjit, for your helpful feedback.

I agree that this topic is often pushed aside, but to regain balance, it is important to search for the answers within and opt for a more holistic approach. Yoga is a wonderful remedy for improving health and wellness while taking some quality personal time 🙂


Nice Post. Thanks for sharing .

Thanks, Amy. I am glad that you found this post helpful.

Hi, This is Awesome post. Thanks for sharing lovely information. keep posting.

You’re welcome, Kranti! Glad that you have found this blog post helpful. Yoga often serves as a vehicle for empowering transformation in our lives.

amazing post thanks for sharing with us. your shared really good information. i hope you always share such kind of posts

Thank you for the valuable feedback. Yoga is such a transformative practice for both personal and professional growth.

Lori, what a wonderful article, so well written! I love yoga too, so much so that I obtained certification as a Hatha Vinyasa instructor many years ago. I studied yoga just for my benefit. So many great takeaways in this article. I especially appreciate your reminder that we can modify yoga postures (asanas). Yoga can be done safely in a chair/ wheelchair, and with props to ensure comfort and safety. It’s crucial to learn yoga from a qualified instructor.

Thank you, Ksenia! Glad to hear that you have taken your yoga training to another level by earning your Hatha Vinyasa Instructor certification. Yoga is so transformative as it truly benefits everyone. The plus is that yoga poses can be modified if they are too difficult to do in the beginning. However, with time, I find that one gets stronger and becomes more resilient by doing yoga.