If only we could work 30 hour work weeks …

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By Stephanie Clark.

When I was a high schooler, I recall hearing that by the year 2000 (it seemed so very far off at that time!), we would all be working 4-day work weeks as there wouldn’t be enough jobs to go around.

I feel short-changed! Not only are we not working part time hours, some people find it necessary to work a full time and part time job to make ends meet! Somewhere something went awry!

Here’s a link to an interesting infographic titled “The Hidden Benefits of Part-Time Work.” It’s an interesting overview of this topic, and may be food for thought if you’re considering a career decision or change.

There are jobs that can be done part time and not lose continuity or significantly lose quality of life (as in money to spend on rent or mortgage, shoes or travel).

I wish I could say that I can work part time and make a good living; entrepreneurship is in a category all its own: it is time consuming and demanding of one’s energy and ability to morph from, say, resume writer, into marketer, bookkeeper, sales person, customer service expert, student … I wear many hats in one day! And yet to earn a living, I am productive only as a resume writer.

What do you think? Is part time work a dream? Do you know people who can make part time work “work” for them? Would you love to have time for hobbies, visiting friends, volunteering and even day-dreaming?

firmly planted in the world of full time work, Stephanie

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