Volunteering is a great way to add credibility!

CPC Business Development

Whether working full-time for an organization or developing your own business, volunteering is an excellent strategy for sharing your knowledge, expanding your reach, and making an impact in the career professionals’ industry.  At CPC, we offer a wide range of positions that include:

  • Certification Assessors (Must be CRS, CIS, CCS certified.)
  • CPC News & Views Contributors
  • CPC Ambassadors
  • CPC Blog Posters

“My volunteer activity with CPC has done more to benefit me
than the organization itself…”

~ Lynda Margaret, Added Value Resumes.

A volunteer position with CPC requires a limited time commitment each month and is entirely dependent upon your schedule and availability. For more volunteer information please visit the member portal or contact us.

“…Being a member of CPC is a step in the right direction, but volunteering in some capacity will give you and your business a higher level of visibility and credibility.”
~ Daisy Wright, The Wright Career Solution.

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