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Recently, I implemented a marketing strategy, which quadrupled my reach. Using these techniques described below, I optimized my time, improved my presence, and brought in my first client through Twitter. I shared my process with Career Professionals of Canada’s 2015 Mastermind Mentoring Group. If you want an effective Twitter marketing strategy for your career services, you might want to start with these steps.

Start by setting up your Twitter account. You can find online help on YouTube. Add a meaningful description to your profile and upload an image. The whole point of social media is to be out there, so try not to set your status as “protected”. Make sure that you use all of the keywords that you can possibly think might be popular in Twitter. You can try to look up keywords on Google if you are not sure. Wordtracker can be helpful.

Follow 100 new Twitter users 100 a day. Focus on quality – select appropriate people with many followers. In general, follow people who are specific to your goals, have more followers than following, and are active (tweet on a regular basis). You may want to follow your competitors and their followers. Listorius will provide you with a directory of people to follow.

Tweet as often as you can and tweet photos whenever possible. When you retweet others, make sure you always credit them. Try to tweet before 9:00am in the morning so that people can look at it before work begins. Try 1 to 3 tweets a day, but make sure that you are posting valuable information. If your tweet isn’t re-tweeted within 24 hours consider deleting it.

Hashtags are a powerful tool that people use on Twitter. If you are confused about the purpose of them, watch this video. You want to start using hashtags in order to get things moving.

Linking your Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts is an efficient way to multiply your efforts. Hootsuite will allow you to schedule your tweets and post to many sites together. When you have enough tweets going out, upload your twitter feed onto your own website so that people can keep updated directly on your website.

Once you have built up a following, try to build more followers than people following. Use Crowdfire to unfollow certain people that may not follow you back.  Aim for a ratio of 3 followers to 1 person following you.

Still not sure how to get started with your Twitter marketing strategy?

Amanda Gallagher is a member of Career Professionals of Canada’s 2015 Mastermind Mentoring Group.



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