The Future of CPC – Introducing CPC Tip Sheets!

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By Cathy Milton.

As part of Career Professionals of Canada’s “Future of CPC” initiative, we’re pleased to announce the launch of CPC Tip Sheets.

Tip Sheets are created by members and friends of Career Professionals of Canada, and each one delivers helpful and informative tips on a wide variety of topics.

Tip Sheets can be found under the “Resources” tab of the CPC members-only Career Club.

Over time, our library of tips will expand. The sheets you’ll find in the Career Club today have been contributed by facilitators of our webinar program, which is led by CPC member Jayne Barron.

As a member of CPC, we encourage you to submit your own Tip Sheets! If you have expert knowledge of a topic, why not share your insights with our community of career development professionals by turning that knowledge into a “10 Tips” sheet? Our Communications Manager, Cathy Milton, will be happy to accept your submissions. Feel free to send your draft Tip Sheets directly to Cathy.

And, just to kick things off on the right foot, Jayne Barron has developed a very user-friendly guide titled “10 Tips for Creating an Effective Tip Sheet.” You’ll find it top-of-the-list in the Career Club.

Enjoy this new benefit of membership. It’s just one of the ways that CPC continues to evolve and support our community. Remember – 2020 is just around the corner and Career Professionals of Canada has your back!

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I attended the webinar: “Helping Clients Navigate an Agile Workforce.” In an email I received it stated that participants would be receiving an “Agile Workforce Tip Sheet” but I have not received it yet. I am just wondering when it will be ready.

Lisa Elmhurst

thanks for the information