The Benefits of a Summertime Job Search

There are benefits to a summertime job search, as this successful job seeker has discovered.

How does the song go? “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…” With the longer days, warm weather, and abundant sunshine, it’s easy to forget about our problems and just relax. But, for job seekers, no matter how nice the summer weather is, there’s the ever-present worry about when their next opportunity will come along. While they, too, may be tempted to just kick back and temporarily put their search on hold, it’s important for career pros to let their clients know about the benefits of a summertime job search. It’s a season that can work to their advantage.

Ten Benefits of a Summertime Job Search

Some of our clients may have made the assumption that it’s a waste of effort and energy to push hard on their job search during summer. They might think that companies press “pause” on hiring during the warm-weather months. We can help these clients by educating them about the advantages of looking for work during the “lazy, hazy” days of summer.

1) Reduced Competition

Many job seekers assume that the summer is not an ideal time to search for work, so they may put their job hunt on hold. As a result, there can be fewer applicants for job openings during this period. This gives pro-active job seekers a strategic, competitive edge and increases their chances of getting noticed by employers.

2) More Personal Attention

With fewer applications coming in, hiring managers and recruiters may have more time to review each application thoroughly. This could lead to more thorough, careful consideration of our clients’ qualifications and a better chance of receiving invitations to interviews.

3) Decision Makers Are in the Office

Contrary to popular belief, many companies continue their hiring processes throughout the summer. While some employees certainly take vacations, key decision-makers are typically still available and may be less busy than usual, giving them more time to focus their attention on filling vacancies. Applying during this time might just ensure that a client’s application doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

4) Networking Opportunities

A variety of social events, industry conferences, and networking gatherings are frequently held in the summer months. By attending these events, our clients can leverage opportunities to expand their professional networks. They may even learn about appealing job openings that are not publicly advertised. In addition, existing network contacts are often more willing to meet. Many will gladly accept invitations to get together for coffee or lunch; anything to get out of the workplace for a while and enjoy the good weather.

5) Flexibility to Attend Interviews

Summer often provides more flexibility for currently employed job seekers to schedule and attend interviews. With potentially fewer work-related pressures, it may be easier – even expected – for our clients to request time off without raising red flags and/or disrupting their current job.

6) Time for Professional Development

If clients are between jobs during the summer, it can be an excellent opportunity for them to focus on enhancing their skills or pursuing certifications. These freshly acquired skills and qualifications can make their résumé more appealing to potential employers.

7) New Job Market Trends

Some industries experience shifts during the summer months, leading to new job openings and opportunities. Staying proactive and up-to-date with industry news can help clients identify these emerging trends and capitalize on them. It can also help them avoid softening or declining industry sectors.

8) Relocation Opportunities

For clients open to relocating for a new job, summer can be an advantageous time to do so. Families with school-age children often prefer moving during the summer break, creating more housing and job opportunities in new locations. As a bonus, it’s much easier to move house during a season of typically good weather rather than struggling to do so in winter.

9) Positive Mindset

Like everyone else, our job-seeking clients can benefit from the positive impact of summer weather and longer days. A sunny and positive mindset will enhance their motivation and confidence during the job search.

10) Preparation for Year-End Hiring

Some companies plan their hiring strategies to align with their fiscal year, which may end in December. Applying during the summer allows you to position yourself early for year-end hiring decisions.

Overall, approaching a job search with enthusiasm and persistence during the summer months can provide a strategic advantage. Rather than taking a hiatus, we should encourage clients to take advantage of the season to build connections, improve skills, and stay dedicated to their goal of landing a new position.

Cathy Milton has been a member of CPC for 10 years now, and holds MCRS, MCIS, MCCS, MCES, and MCWS designations. She is a member of the board of CPC and the association’s Compliance Director. When she’s not working, Cathy enjoys cooking, sailing in summer, and taking care of her pets. 

Portions of this article include content modified from text generated by AI.


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