Small Business Webinar Automation Tools for Career Firms


By Kristin Vandegriend.

Many career service firms are small businesses run by their owners. As small business owners, we want to build and support our client base with progressive online features such as webinars, but we cannot do it without the right technology. Here is a look at automation as a way to reach more clients, streamline business activities, and help make our lives easier.

Webinar Software

Before implementing any webinar software, consider these questions: What is the purpose of your webinar? Is it for generating leads, selling something, or educating and building credibility with your audience?

In my own research, I was looking for a free webinar option that would allow me to experiment with running webinars. In particular, I wanted a format that would allow me to use PowerPoint slides and be visible to my audience at the same time.

My choice: YouTube Live or Facebook Live. This open-source broadcast software is free! Broadcast software and video hosting allows you to design any sort of layout, which can be a mix of PowerPoint and video. This article clearly lays out how to set up a YouTube Live Webinar.

Here are some other options for you to consider:

  • Join Me – $22/month for up to 10 participants on a video webinar. Offers an unlimited free trial with limited features, and desktop application sharing.
  • GoToWebinar – $89/month for the basic plan and offers a 7-day trial. The service includes automated emails.
  • AnyMeeting – $78/month and offers a free 14-day trial. The service includes support.

For more tips and tricks on how to build business through webinars, subscribe to social media strategist, Amy Porterfield‘s podcasts.

Webinar Automation

Here are some low-cost and free options to automate your webinar marketing.

Email Distribution

  • Mail Chimp – a no-cost or low-cost option for email distribution.
  • Aweber – allows affiliate links and provides support.

Course Hosting

  • Teachable – create and sell online courses.

Social Media

  • HootSuite – integrate your social media platforms in one place.
  • 99Social – get daily social media content.
  • IFTTT – automate your social media activity.

File Sharing

Landing Pages

Graphic Design

  • Fiverr – reach out for quotes on very inexpensive graphic services.
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