Six Parallels between Career Development and Building a Business

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By Janet Barclay.

I worked in employment services for many years before I decided to start my business, and I’ve noticed that job seekers and entrepreneurs really have a lot in common.

  1. Small business owners and job seekers need to define their target market and develop a plan for connecting with key decision makers within that market.
  2. Job seekers and small business owners need to identify and articulate their unique attributes and why employers or clients should choose them rather than their competitors.
  3. Entrepreneurs require marketing materials that clearly indicate what they have to offer to their clients. Job seekers require a powerful resume and other career documents that clearly indicate what they have to offer to their next employer.
  4. Job seekers need to try and schedule job interviews with potential employers until they secure their next position. Entrepreneurs need to try and schedule consultations with prospective clients indefinitely.
  5. Small business owners and job seekers require a strong online presence in order to be found by their target market.
  6. Job seekers and entrepreneurs must continually grow and leverage their online and offline networks.

When you think about it, it basically boils down to the same thing: formulate a goal, develop a plan to achieve that goal, and connect with the right people. Repeat as needed.

Photo: © / Gina Smith

Source: W.P. Consulting & Associates

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