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If you provide clients with strategic career transition or employment advice, you are a potential candidate for the Certified Employment Strategist (CES) credential. A key resource for employment consultants across Canada.

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The Canadian Employment Strategist 2021 (3rd) Edition | Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist | Publisher: Career Professionals of Canada | PDF eBook

The Canadian Employment Strategist is a valuable resource used by employment consultants across Canada to develop their professional expertise.

The Canadian Employment Strategist is a comprehensive 159-page Certification Study Guide (e-book). This valuable resource thoroughly discusses current concepts and strategies to empower you to work effectively with your clients. By following this guide, you will learn how and when to apply various techniques to enable your clients to succeed in their employment endeavours. The knowledge you will acquire by studying this guide will be an asset throughout your career.

Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) is committed to setting the Canadian standard for excellence in employment coaching and counselling. The Canadian Employment Strategist is a required resource for CPC’s Certified Employment Strategist (CES) self-study program. The Certified Employment Strategist (CES) and Master Certified Employment Strategist (MCES) designations enhance your credibility and visibility as an employment professional. If you provide clients with strategic career transition advice, you are a potential candidate for the CES credential.

  • Validate your expertise in strategic employment consulting.
  • Boost your credibility within the Canadian market and internationally.
  • Enhance the value you provide to your clients.
  • Exhibit your knowledge of current trends in employment strategy.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to continued professional development.

THE CANADIAN EMPLOYMENT STRATEGIST 2021 Edition is fully revised and updated by Sharon Graham and Published by Career Professionals of Canada.


Standards & Ethics
The CPC Certification Process

Part 1 — Employment Foundation

Chapter 1 – The Employment Strategist
Chapter 2 – Career Transition Essentials
Chapter 3 – Labour Market Information
Chapter 4 – Canadian Legislation

Part 2 — Employment Fundamentals

Chapter 5 – Stress Management
Chapter 6 – Self Discovery & Inner Reflection
Chapter 7 – Value Proposition & Career Branding

Part 3 — Job Search Essentials

Chapter 8 – Job Search Execution
Chapter 9 – Resume & Portfolio Development
Chapter 10 – Employment Interviewing

Part 4 – Transition Support

Chapter 11 – Reputation Management
Chapter 12 – Social Media & Networking
Chapter 13 – Leveraging Technologies

Part 5 – Certification

Chapter 14 – CES Testing Process
Chapter 15 – MEIS Testing Process

Take your employment services to the next level. Let THE CANADIAN EMPLOYMENT STRATEGIST be your key resource!

The Canadian Employment Strategist | Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist | Career Professionals of Canada | PDF eBook