Resources for Ontario Career Practitioners


Here are some links to websites for career practitioners and their clients based in Ontario (ON). If you are a career practitioner and you want resources for the labour market in the province, then make sure to bookmark these sites.

Associations for Career Practitioners

Education and Training for Career Practitioners

Careers and Employment for Clients

  • Job Market Trends and News: Local and regional labour market events and announcements.
  • Ontario Job Futures: Information on current trends and future outlook for approximately 200 occupations common to Ontario.
  • Ontario Skills Passport (OSP): Descriptions of Essential Skills and work habits important for success in work, learning and life.
  • Workforce Planning Boards: Resources relevant to training, employment and labour force information in communities throughout Ontario.

Education and Training for Clients

  • Ontario Colleges: Information on earning a college degree, diploma, certificate or apprenticeship in Ontario.
  • Ontario Universities: Information about applying to and attending university in Ontario.

Do you know of another ON-specific resource for career practitioners or their clients? Please mention it in a comment.

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