Resources for Newfoundland and Labrador Career Practitioners


Here are some links to helpful websites for career practitioners and their clients based in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). If you are a career practitioner and you want resources for the labour market in NL, then make sure to bookmark these sites.

Association for Career Practitioners

  • Newfoundland & Labrador Association of Career Practitioners (NLACP): Provincial career development association.

Education and Training for Career Practitioners

Specialty Sites for Career Practitioners

  • Employment Collaboration: An initiative that links community agencies working in the area of employment in the Avalon Region, NL.

Careers and Employment for Clients

Education and Training for Clients

Do you know of another Newfoundland and Labrador-specific resource for career practitioners or their clients? Please mention it in a comment.

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With much frustration and weeks of working on this, I’m trying to find an accredited program of study to become a Professional (or Practical Coach) Career/Life Coach. Every other province in Canada has designated program(s) to offer potential students who are interested to study this career. Here in NL, all you can get is Counsellor studies that requires a degree. The Labour Market identifies Coaching but offers Counsellor info. There is a difference between Coaches and Counsellors.

So, can you please tell me where and how I can study to become Professional Coach (no matter what type) here in NL? And, how I can get the statistics for this career from the Labour Market website.

Thank you
Lynda Taylor


There are not a lot of resources for Career Development Practitioners in NL at this time. You can, however take training and get certified through online courses. Career Professionals of Canada offers such courses.

The Gold Standard in Canada for practitioners who are career consultants, career coaches, career counsellors is the Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) designation.

As Career Development Practitioners, we follow the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners.

The National Occupation Code for Career Development Practitioners is 4156 (Employment Counsellors) and you can find some labour market information here:

Alberta has some wage information:

If you are hoping to start your own practice, then take CPC’s free mini-course: Here is a link to CPC’s mini-course, Start a Career Practice. This will give you some things to consider along with some information to determine the viability of your business:

I will provide you with further information via email.

Your number one fan,


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