Resources for British Columbia Career Practitioners


Here are some links to websites that for career practitioners and their clients based in British Columbia. If you are a career practitioner and you want resources for the labour market in BC, then make sure to bookmark these sites.

Association for Career Practitioners

Education and Training for Career Practitioners

Specialty Sites for Career Practitioners

Careers and Employment for Clients

Career Education and Training for Clients

Do you know of another BC-specific resource for career practitioners or their clients? Please mention it in a comment.

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list.
As some of you know, I’ll be moving from Belgium to beautiful British Columbia this summer. Having access to this list of resources will be incredibly beneficial in bringing me ‘up to speed’ in my new home province and will ensure I am presenting my clients with excellent resources to conduct their job search. Thank you CPC!

What perfect timing! I’ve never been to BC but it seems that most people who go there don’t want to leave.

Thanks for compiling this list, Janet. It certainly will be helpful to Maureen and many other practitioners, I believe.

I hope so! It’s exciting to see how many great resources there are in BC.

Nice post, Thank you for sharing valuable information. I benefited from this post.