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Our world of work has changed a lot. It is time to help your clients create sustainable and resilient careers in our new world of work. If you provide clients with advice related to wellness, life-skills, and career management, you are a potential candidate for the Certified Work-Life Strategist (CWS) credential. This eGuide is a key resource for professionals across Canada.

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Author: Sharon Graham | Publisher: Career Professionals of Canada | Format: PDF eBook

The Canadian Work-Life Strategist is a textbook designed for the current world of work.

The Canadian Work-Life Strategist is a comprehensive 220-page Certification Study Guide (e-book). This valuable resource thoroughly discusses current concepts and strategies to address issues in our current world of work. The knowledge you will acquire by studying this guide will be an asset to your clients now and in the future.

Our world of work has changed a lot. We are living, learning, and working through a unique and difficult time that has never been encountered before. Many of our clients are dealing with challenges that they may have never encountered before. The definition of career development includes living, learning, and working and this eGuide provides you with a foundation to build your competence in all three areas.

As a work-life strategist, you need to be able to support your clients in:

  • Living: Skills related to self-care and wellbeing are needed more than ever. Many clients will benefit from learning about foundational concepts including work-life balance, hope, resilience, and satisfaction.
  • Learning: Our clients are looking for support and guidance in how to build certain essential and technical skills so that they can function in our new world of work.
  • Working: Clients need specific skills to enable them to navigate, maintain, and develop their career whether they are employed or self-employed.

Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) is committed to setting the Canadian standard for excellence in career development. The Canadian Work-Life Strategist is a required resource for CPC’s Certified Work-Life Strategist (CWS) self-study program. The Certified Work-Life Strategist (CWS) and Master Certified Work-Life Strategist (MCWS) designations enhance your credibility and visibility as an employment professional. If you provide clients with strategic career advice, you are a potential candidate for the CWS credential.


Code of Professional Conduct
The CPC Certification Process

Part 1 – Foundation

Chapter 1 – The Work-Life Strategist
Chapter 2 – Practicing Ethically
Chapter 3 – The World of Work
Chapter 4 – Work-Life Models

Part 2 – Living

Chapter 5 – Self-Care & Well-Being
Chapter 6 – Stress & Trauma
Chapter 7 – Positive Psychology

Part 3 – Learning

Chapter 8 – Lifelong Learning
Chapter 9 – Foundational Skills
Chapter 10 – Emotional Intelligence

Part 4 – Working

Chapter 11 – Workplace Well-Being
Chapter 12 – Work Maintenance
Chapter 13 – Self-Actualization

Part 5 – Certification

Chapter 14 – CWS Course-Based Process
Chapter 15 – CWS Competency-Based Process
Chapter 16 – MCWS Testing Process

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The Canadian Work-Life Strategist | Sharon Graham | Career Professionals of Canada | PDF eBook