Prepare to be Inspired – “I Know I Can Because…”

Taranum Khan

By Taranum Khan.

Here we are entering the second month of a new year. If you’re like me, you may find a small but perceptible decline in energy and motivation creeping into your daily routine. Following the joy and relaxation of the holiday break, I entered 2019 bursting with new energy and well-intentioned resolutions to make this my best year ever. But now, ever so slightly, the shine is diminishing. All is not lost, though. I came up with an idea to help rekindle my enthusiasm and drive.

During Canada Career Month in November 2018, The Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD) put out a challenge to our community of career professionals to respond to this statement:

“I know I can because…”.

These five words open up all kinds of possibilities as to how the sentence will be completed. I took the challenge up and asked other career professionals in my network to do the same. I asked how they would complete the phrase that was the tag-line of 2018’s CCM event.

My careerpro colleagues answered my challenge and their words are inspiring. If you need your energy and motivation rekindled, watch these videos. Better yet, create one of your own!

Sharon Graham: #IKnowICanBecause I have an amazing support system of members of volunteers at Career Professionals of Canada

Maureen McCann: As much as I cringe at the thought of me on video, I’m getting outside my comfort zone and sharing my #IKnowICanBecause story.

Christine Cristiano: #IKnowICanBecause I surround myself with like minded people.

Paula Wischoff-Yerama: #IKnowICanBecause when I talk about Career Career Development, CCDP Certification, and our Standards and Guidelines people ask me how they can get involved.

Log in to LinkedIn to see all the comments from my original call to action.

Taranum Khan: I’ll close with this message for all.  #IKnowICanBecause I have a vision for career success, empathy for individuals, passion for Career Development, creativity to overcome challenges, trustworthy relationships, and amazing mentors. Thank you, Career Professionals of Canada!

Log in to LinkedIn to see all the comments from my original call to action.

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