New Year’s Resolutions – What do you treasure?


By Sharon Graham.

The new year is an opportunity to set new goals. We resolve to get a new job, earn a better income, establish our own business, and learn something new. But, sometimes we miss the mark.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
Matthew 6:21

This passage from the Bible suggests that what you treasure is very evident in your thoughts and actions. But, if you are focusing on physical prosperity, you may be missing far greater spiritual treasures.

This year, before you finalize your New Year’s Resolutions, consider these five big questions:

If you were asked to list five things that were most important to you, what would they be?

Do you find meaning in your possessions or in your relationships?

Do your daily activities eat into your family life?

Do you value money in the bank over donating to charity?

Do you desire worldly things or spiritual wealth?

Your thoughts create your objectives and goals. And, your actions drive you to achieve them. If you treasure something, you can attain it. But, are you treasuring the right things? Is your heart in the right place? “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Evaluate what you treasure. Resolve to change your priorities this year. Focus on things that are meaningful and you will achieve many more blessings than you ever imagined.

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It’s not that money isn’t important – it is, after all, the reason most of us work – but what do we want the money for? To share with others? To have a more fulfilling life? Or as a status symbol? These are important things to think about!

so so very beautiful!

I am Christian thank you for including some scripture on your website. It was nice to read and a good reminder about what we should really be focusing on in our lives.