New Work-Life Coaching Program: A Transformative Experience

Work-Life Coaching Program

I recently had the experience of providing input to the curriculum that was designed by Career Professionals of Canada for their new Work-Life Coaching Program.

As part of this initiative, I helped develop The Canadian Work-Life Strategist eGuide, a 200-plus page study guide along with the Certified Work-Life Strategist (CWS) designation. I was also fortunate enough to be a student participant in the pilot Work-Life Coaching course.

I don’t really know how to describe the experience because it was unlike anything I’ve gone through before. What I do know that it was wholly positive and a personally transformative experience.

My Observations About the Work-Life Coaching Program

As an adult educator and facilitator, I am always open and interested to see how various techniques and concepts to enhance learning are used. The Work-Life course is designed using the experiential learning model, includes discussion forums and quizzes, and provides clean, well-laid-out content. Through CPC’s online learning platform, students are provided the opportunity to explore topics ranging from positive psychology, self-care, workplace well-being, and trauma-informed care, to name just a few.

A large part of the learning that occurs in all of CPC’s courses, in my opinion, is through the forum discussions where the cohort participants answer 3 to 4 questions related to a case study scenario. Other members of the class chime in and applaud the quality answers provided by their fellow students. And, based on their own backgrounds and experiences, they expand on or offer additional insights to the forum posts.

I would describe the members of the cohort I collaborated with as “heavy hitters.” They are individuals whose names and reputations are synonymous with trailblazing career development work. The group was rounded out by others committed to their craft, and those emerging as individuals to watch as “up-and-comers” in the field of career development. I did not fit into any of these categories but was included for my subject matter expertise as a coach, facilitator, and trainer. It was so interesting to read the discussion threads and learn through the revelations shared by course participants. The case study discussions provide highly effective learning because they mirror the experiences of our clients as they face challenging situations.

My Experience as a Student in the Work-Life Program

It has been a while since I was a student in a formal training class. Usually, I move quickly through course material and, upon conclusion, I say to myself, “done, check mark!” However, the work-life program provided me several instances to give pause. I did some serious self-reflection about my work life and my personal well-being; specifically, how I was coping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I don’t really know if this reaction was due to the course material being so thought-provoking and relevant, or if it was just time for some seriously overdue self-reflection. I am certainly very aware that the past few months have been traumatic, but I’ve been so focused on telling myself to “keep on keeping on,” that I never stopped to think about how the pandemic was affecting me, while at the same time being well aware that it definitely was.

When something resonates or speaks to me while I am taking a course, I highlight the section or fold in the page of my student textbook. Working through the Work-Life course, I made note of a page number because the content seemed to speak directly to me. Not only was it worth a second look and merited sharing with my work colleagues, but the content on that page made me realize that I had become stalled at “overwhelm.” The realization that I was “stuck” prompted me to formulate a much-needed strategy for moving forward while facing all the challenges that are part of living in this unprecedented time. Taking the action of creating my strategy gave me a renewed optimism about our new normal. The course material gave me clarity and motivated me to make changes so that I can live my best life and do my best work.

Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Reflection and Growth

To borrow from the tagline of the Work-Life course, we are all – career practitioners and our clients – living, learning, and working through a unique and difficult time that has never been encountered before. If you work in the field of career development, I encourage you to check out this leading-edge Work-Life Coaching course. Not only does it give you tools to help your clients with their work-life issues, but it also provides opportunities for personal self-reflection and growth. I hope you will agree that the best gift we can give our clients is to be the best we can possibly be!

Karen McDonald-Hurley is employed part-time at KEYS Job Centre as a project coordinator providing support to clients with disabilities, with a focus on self-employment. She has been the owner and lead consultant of Opportunity Group Business Insights & Solutions since 2012. Karen has helped over 1000 businesses write business plans to start, grow, or exit their businesses. She also provides strategic advice to various boards  including the Brockville & Area Food Bank and Victim Services of Leeds & Grenville. Karen is a Certified Work-Life Strategist whose passion is helping people by guiding them to see the opportunity in any situation. 

Photo by Antonio Guillem on 123RF

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