New CPC Courses – More Current, Compact, and Collaborative!

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By Sharon Graham.

The future of work is changing and so are we! 2020 is just around the corner and we’ve got your back.

Once again, CPC is setting the Canadian standard for excellence in our field.

For 2020, all of our online courses are being overhauled! As part of our Future of CPC initiative, courses will be updated with the most current information for career professionals. They will also be condensed to a shorter timeline. You’ll still receive the amazing content, but in a rich and intense learning environment. You can find the full course list, schedule, and fees at

Get ready for a highly interactive learning experience!

Unlike other online courses, you will receive personalized professional development. CPC courses are fully facilitated and you learn alongside other students. Our graduates say that this is a great way to create meaningful relationships while building current competencies!

CPC does not limit your time or access to courses. You can enter your CPC courses and study during the daytime, evening, or weekend, as you prefer. Online courses are cost effective, too. There is no travel required. You complete the modules on your schedule from the convenience of your home or office. Check our 2020 course schedule and register here.

Each of the study eGuides associated with CPC’s certification programs will be fully updated, too, giving you the most comprehensive and current information right at your fingertips:

There is always a lot going on at CPC, but 2020 promises to be especially exciting. Join us and make an impact on the future direction of your professional association.

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