Advocating for Workplace Accomodation

Negotiating Workplace Accomodation

As a career development professional, empowering clients to advocate for their workplace accommodations is essential.

The process of negotiating workplace accommodations begins with educating clients on their rights and the accommodations available, whether they require adaptive technologies, flexible work hours, or specific environmental changes. Equally important is coaching clients on communicating their needs effectively and assertively, ensuring they articulate the impact of their accommodation on their performance and overall career growth. By providing the necessary tools and confidence, we help clients secure accommodations that align with their needs and position themselves as proactive, solution-oriented professionals within their organizations.

The Inclusive Workplace has developed some great resources to help you, as a career development professional, guide your clients through negotiating workplace accommodations.

Inclusive Workplace Accommodations Guide

Want to learn more? Join us on May 28th for our next member-only complimentary Thought Leadership Webcast featuring Ready, Willing and Able who will speak to us about supporting clients with intellectual disabilities or autism.

During this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into:

  • The experiences of neurodiverse employees in various workplace settings.
  • Creating an inclusive workplace environment and the compelling business case for diversity and inclusion is significant.
  • Best practices in inclusive HR, covering key aspects such as recruitment, onboarding, management, and career advancement.
  • Employers’ perspectives on what they seek when hiring employees with diverse needs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding and skills in supporting clients with intellectual disabilities or autism on their career journey. 

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