Happy Mothers Day!

Boy holding wrapped gift for Mom

Mother’s Day in Canada occurs every year on the second Sunday of May. It is not a statutory holiday (federal or provincial), but it is a day specially designated for us to show appreciation for our mothers.

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate and honour motherhood by showing gratitude for our mothers and others who represent mother figures to us. We recognize not just our own mothers, but grandmothers, step-mothers, mothers-in-law, and other mothers we may know and admire. To express our appreciation, we give them cards, flowers, chocolates, or handmade gifts.

Mother’s Day 2020 will be very different as we all continue to self-isolate. Fortunately, there are many tips to be found online for alternate ways to celebrate. In this short video clip, lifestyle expert Suzanne Wexler shares some out-of-the-box ideas for giving Mom a special day.

Photo by freepick on freepik



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