CPC Member Outreach Program

Introduce your colleagues to CPC and extend your membership FREE!

How does it work? It’s simple.

When someone you refer signs up, they enter your name in the “CPC Member Referral” field during the last step of their registration. Every time a new member enters your name, you receive a one-month extension to your membership.

There are no limits to how many months you can receive FREE!

An Association by definition is “a group of people organized for a joint purpose.” How do like-minded people find each other and come together? At CPC, we believe word of mouth helps bring us together.

The CPC Member Referral Program is simply an opportunity for CPC Members to recommend like minded people to join the organization. In return, CPC recognizes the member providing the recommendation with a one-month extension to their membership.

As word of mouth is considered by experts to be the best way to promote a product, service, business, or association, you are one of our most effective marketing team members. By sharing your positive CPC experience and the benefits you receive as a member of the association with potential members, you can help us grow the association and help all of us work toward our common purpose. This leads to increased value for members, the profession, and our association.